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Who is Jake Paul Dating: How Many Ex-girlfriends He Had in Past?

Jake Paul, 24, is a former American vlogger and YouTube star who is now a professional boxer. Like his older brother, Logan, Jake found fame on the now-defunct social media app Vine before it was shut down in 2017. Next, he shifted his focus to YouTube, where he quickly became famous and wealthy thanks to his prank videos and vlogs. Paul’s net worth has grown to over $10 million.

He also had a successful professional boxing career, going 3-0. On April 17th, he won via technical knockout in the first round against Ben Askren, a former UFC fighter. To top it all off, he has an undefeated record thanks to his victories over NBA legend Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib.

Before Logan Paul Vs KSI 1, Paul had a white collar bout against Deji, KSI’s younger brother, and won by technical knockout. His career is off to a promising start, despite the fact that he has yet to face any actual professional boxers.

What Women Has Jake Paul Dated Thus Far?

  1. Saxon Sharbino, Ex-Girlfriend of YouTube Star Jake Paul
  2. Kellie Stewart, aka Jake Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend
  3. Ex-girlfriend Amanda Cerny of YouTuber Jake Paul
  4. A Former Girlfriend of Jake Paul Named Alissa Violet
  5. Ex-Girlfriend of Jake Paul -Tessa Brooks
  6. Taela Dunn, formerly known as Jake Paul’s girlfriend
  7. Ex-girlfriend Erika Costell has spoken out about Jake Paul.
  8. Tana Mongeau, Ex-Girlfriend of YouTuber Jake Paul
  9. Julia Rose, Girlfriend of Jake Paul

Julia Rose, Current  Girlfriend of Jake Paul

In the December of 2019 when she was featured in this music video, Jake and Julia first crossed paths.

The rumours that they were dating began in January of 2020, when Jake made an appearance on the “Night Shift” podcast.

I’ve been chatting with a girl off and on,” he admitted. It’s all happened out of sight of the cameras. That’s a very nutritious… Intimate relationships with people off camera are important because they let you know that they care about you and aren’t just using you for your appearance in content or the prestige it brings.

Who is Jake Paul Dating

In the same month as his fight with AnEsonGib, they were spotted in Miami. On March 20, 2020, he came clean about his relationship with her. On March 30, he posted a video in which he claimed that she had dumped him and begged her to “take him back.”

In April, though, Paul posted a photo of the two of them online, and it looked like things were heating up. The two haven’t been seen together in quite some time, so their relationship status is up in the air.

What Women Has Jake Paul Dated Thus Far?

Many of today’s female internet users may be interested in dating Jake Paul due to his widespread fame. It’s already hard to tell which of his relationships are genuine, and now we have to factor in his history of fabricating many of his social interactions on YouTube for views. Despite this, here is a rundown of Jake Paul’s female companions:

Saxon Sharbino, Ex-girlfriend of Youtube Star Jake Paul

Who is Jake Paul Dating

Paul dated Saxon Sharbino, an American actress, in 2014. The two met once in 2017 to film a video for Jake’s channel titled “a conversation with my ex-girlfriend,” despite the fact that the vast majority of their relationship took place off-camera.

Kellie Stewart, Aka Jake Paul’s Ex-girlfriend

Despite the absence of any hard evidence, it was widely assumed that Jake and model Kelly Stewart were an item in 2014 after Jake made a tweet about the rumoured relationship.

Ex-girlfriend Amanda Cerny of Youtuber Jake Paul

There’s no telling if Amanda and Jake were dating or just really close friends in 2014, but they spent a lot of time together. Their relationship would be strange, though, because Cerny dated Jake’s older brother, Logan, for a long time in 2016 and 2017.

A Former Girlfriend of Jake Paul Named Alissa Violet

Without a doubt, this is the most dysfunctional of Jake’s relationships, and it might even go down as one of the worst in the history of Internet celebrities. It’s still unclear which parts were staged for dramatic effect and which were fabricated for the sake of ratings and material.

Who is Jake Paul Dating

Alissa and Jake met while they were both on team 10, and their chemistry was undeniable. Alissa posts a Snapchat video of herself with her bags packed and explains that she has nowhere to go after Jake evicts her from the Team 10 house.

Alissa responded, “There is absolutely no connection between them.” As a result, she posted a video to YouTube in which she defended her position. She wrote that Jake routinely brought home other women in front of her and that she was expected to keep a straight face. She also stated that he would engage in mind games with her, causing her to cry herself to sleep night after night.

The rapper Faze Banks became her boyfriend after that. Everything seemed to calm down, but then Jake posted a video accusing Banks of assaulting his assistant. These allegations were refuted by Faze and Alissa, who each brought witnesses to support their positions. After this, Alissa went public with her account of Jake’s physical abuse.

Ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul -Tessa Brooks

In 2017, not long after concluding his business with Alissa, Jake was spotted kissing his teammate Tessa Brooks. Tessa was Alissa’s best friend at the time, so this came as a big surprise to a lot of people. Later in 2018, she made a now-deleted YouTube video in which she revealed she was leaving team 10, citing dissatisfaction with Jake as her reason.

Taela Dunn, formerly Jake Paul’s EX-girlfriend

Who is Jake Paul Dating

In 2017, one of Jake’s videos featured a makeout session between the actor and actress Taela. It came as a shock because in 2016, she was having an affair with Logan Paul. Despite their claims that their kiss wasn’t staged for attention, the fact that they haven’t been seen together since fuels suspicions that it was clickbait.

Ex-girlfriend Erika Costell Has Spoken Out About Jake Paul.

Erika and Jake’s relationship began in 2017 for the sake of publicity. To increase their popularity, the couple would kiss and hug in front of the camera. They even vlogged their fake wedding and honeymoon for their viewers.

Nonetheless, they claim that at some point in the process they began to feel romantically attracted to one another and that, despite the fact that their relationship had been fabricated at the outset, it had evolved into something genuine. However, in 2018, they publicly announced their separation. Even Jake tweeted about it.
Still, this wasn’t the final chapter. In 2019, a photo that appears to show the two sharing a meal went viral. Jake’s wife Tana Mongeau, who had recently lost her grandmother, was affected by this. Moreover, do you know about the promise ring. A promise ring is a ring given from one person in a love relationship to another to represent fidelity and commitment, frequently (but not necessarily) before an engagement.

Tana Mongeau, Ex-girlfriend of Youtuber Jake Paul

After she posted a selfie of herself lying on Jake’s bed in April 2019, speculation began that the two were dating. They were both very outspoken about their relationship status. They promoted their relationship by appearing in each other’s videos, constantly gushing about each other online, and engaging in public displays of affection while filming it. This led to their wedding in July of this year.

Who is Jake Paul Dating

On January 2, 2020, however, they posted on Instagram that they were “taking a break.”


When Referring to His Current Net Worth, How Much Does Jake Paul Have?

American professional boxer “Jake Paul” has a $310 million fortune, making him the highest-paid athlete in the sport. Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB all put Jake Paul’s net worth at around $310 million, and he’s the most popular American social media personality and professional boxer.

The Original Opponent for Jake Paul’s Battle.

Mr. Hasim Rahman Jr.

On August 6th, Jake Paul was scheduled to be the main attraction at a boxing event at Madison Square Garden. But his fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. was called off a week before the scheduled date because of a weight dispute. In light of the postponement of the headliner, the remaining bouts on the card were called off.

Jake Has Won How Many Bouts Exactly?

In his professional career, Paul has a perfect record of five wins and zero losses and draws. His first fight was an amateur bout against KSI’s brother Deji, and it was on the undercard of the event featuring both brothers.


The current lady in Paul’s life, Julia Rose, has witnessed his meteoric rise to fame in the boxing world. In 2020, Rose watched from the stands as he knocked out Nate Robinson. The couple had been together for over two years when the Instagram model became notorious for flashing Gerrit Cole during World Series Game 5.

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