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Who is Ben Savage? Why is He Missing From the ‘Boy Meets World’ Rewatch Podcast?

What do we know about the controversy over Ben Savage? The first time people noticed American actor Ben Savage was when he played Cory Matthews on the hit ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Ben Savage went on to be on the TV shows Criminal Minds and Homeland.

Ben Savage

Ben Savage, who was in a popular 90s sitcom, recently made headlines because he plans to run as a Democrat for Rep. Adam Schiff’s congressional seat in southern California. With this, the actor is taking a big step towards running for office.

Ben said that he strongly believes in standing up for what is right, making sure that everyone has the same chances, and making sure that everyone has the same rights.

Savage also wrote about it in an Instagram post, saying that he is running for Congress because it is time to restore faith in government by offering reasonable, creative, and caring solutions to their country’s most pressing problems. Find out everything there is to know about Ben Savage’s Controversy.

Ben Savage Controversy

Even though Boy Meets World brought Ben Savage a lot of success and fame, he stopped acting and stayed out of the spotlight. Ben later said that he was only 19 at the time and had been on the show for as long as seven years, but he was focused on going to college.


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The actor used to go to the prestigious Stanford University. He had been accepted there two years before, but he didn’t go because he had to work on “Boy Meets World.” Ben Savage later said that when the show ended, he was set on going to college and just wanted to be a normal kid for a while. Even though the actor has since made a few guest appearances on shows like Criminal Minds and Homeland, he has been out of the spotlight for the most part.

Who is Ben Savage Dating?

Ben Savage has kept a low profile and stayed out of the spotlight since he left the industry. Since 2018, the actor has been dating Tessa Angermeier. After four years of dating, they are said to have gotten engaged around Christmas 2022.


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Even though they haven’t been seen together in public very often, Angermeier was at Savage’s political events when he ran for West Hollywood City Council in 2022.

The actor’s rep also said that the two are very thankful and have been having fun with their families and friends during this exciting time. When the actor posted on social media that he was getting married, his Boy Meets World co-stars congratulated him and his new wife.

Why is Ben Savage Missing From the ‘Boy Meets World’ Rewatch Podcast?

People were surprised that Ben Savage wasn’t on the “Boy Meets World” Rewatch Podcast. The other cast members were there, but Savage wasn’t. In the first episode, “TGI-Happening,” Fishel talked about Savage’s absence and explained why the show’s lead actor isn’t taking part in the project.


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Fishel said that Ben Savage is doing his own thing, like making Lifetime movies and keeping himself busy. It was also said that the cast would have loved to have him on the show because they had asked him to be on the show. Fisher also used this time to talk about how this podcast helps them shut out the rest of the world and focus on this.

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Fishel also said that they told him about it, and Ben wasn’t sure about it and said it might not be his thing. Even though they had some meetings and even asked the actor again to make sure he didn’t want to be a part of it, it turned out. Ben is not on the podcast because they talked about his decision and agreed with it.

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