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Is Kortney Wilson in a Relationship? Who is Her New Boyfriend?

Is Kortney Wilson in a Relationship? Singer-songwriter-real estate agent-HGTV star Kortney Wilson is a household name. She is from Canada and entered the world in the year 1979. Everyone is curious about Kortney Wilson’s love life because she is a well-known public figure. Read on to find out more about the identity of Kortney Wilson’s current love interest.

Who are Kortney Wilson and Ryan?

Kortney Wilson

Kortney Wilson is a well-known singer, realtor, and HGTV celebrity. She entered the world in Canada in 1979. Kortney Galerno is her birth name, however, she prefers to be addressed as Kortney Wilson.

Kortney is a professional designer and television presenter who has been active in the industry since 2001 under the label Lyric Street. Kortney rose to fame after making an appearance on the CMT Canada reality show Meet the Wilsons.


Contrary to popular belief, Ryan Vella is neither famous nor a user of Instagram. Kortney has shared a lot of pictures of the two of them on Instagram. There is a possibility that the automotive sector is connected to the fact that certain websites have referred to Ryan as a racing car driver.

Is Kortney Wilson in a Relationship?

New information suggests that on August 8, 2021, Kortney confirmed her connection with Ryan by posting a photo of the two of them online. Multiple posts of Ryan followed; the most recent was her engagement video. Their social media post was released at the same time.

Is Kortney Wilson in a Relationship

Kortney expressed her gratitude to everyone who had a hand in Ryan’s proposal by writing a statement on her Facebook wall. It appears that she has found happiness in her current relationship with Ryan.

When Did They First Meet?

When Kortney was based in Toronto, Ryan found her on the dating website In spite of the fact that she had received over two hundred messages under her phoney profile, she found herself fixated on Ryan’s. They eventually went on a date during the Covid era after she asked Ryan out.

When Did They Get Engaged?

An Instagram post claims that on March 17, 2022, Kortney Wilson and Ryan Vella got engaged. Their intentions about a wedding remain unknown.

Kortney thanked Ryan for loving her in a video she shared three days later. On March 20 for the first time, she said, “You are just what my heart needed” to Ryan when he solved the mystery.

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Are Kortney Wilson and Ryan Still Together?

Yes! Kortney has been posting pictures of herself and “Ryan” on Instagram. As time went on, it seemed like Ryan and Kortney were inseparable in the eyes of his fans. However, she did show off some convincing photographic evidence. Kortney still did not provide her stamp of approval for this report.

She finally told her Instagram followers about her new lover, Ryan, in another post. Many of her supporters quickly began tweeting their congratulations for her fresh start. After reading about it, it became clear that Kortney is completely smitten with Ryan at the moment.

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Is Kortney Wilson Married?

Yes! According to married biography, she was previously married to American actor and director Dave Wilson before meeting Ryan. This couple had been married for about 18 years.

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Kortney and Dave had two sons, Jett and Sullivan James. This pair, however, was no more and in December 2019, they publicly announced their split and subsequent divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Kortney And Dave Wilson Divorce?

After several years of marriage, Kortney and Dave Wilson decided to separate. Kortney was vague regarding the breakup’s cause.

On December 19, 2019, the creators of Live Happy announced their separation. When asked about the uniqueness of their relationship, Kortney responded with an Instagram post saying, “Our love story is no different from others, but we have the utmost love and respect for one another.”

Who is Kortney Wilson’s New Boyfriend?

Kortney Wilson went public on Instagram on 8/18/2021 about her relationship with Ryan Vella. They were spotted hitchhiking around Ohio in the summertime.


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