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Dakota Kai: WWE Star Suffers Injury, Torn ACL During Match

Cheree Georgina Crowley is a pro wrestler from New Zealand who works for WWE right now. Using the ring name Dakota Kai, she fights on the SmackDown brand of WWE. She is part of a group called Damage CTRL, and she and Iyo Sky have won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice.

Dakota Kai became known when she won the first Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic event while she was in WWE’s developmental brand NXT. She also had the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship two times. But because of an illness, her current job in WWE has been put on hold, making her inactive.

Crowley used the ring name Evie before he joined WWE. She wrestled in Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) in her home country of New Zealand, Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance (PWA) in Australia, and well-known American wrestling groups like Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling. She also showed off her skills in Pro Wrestling Zero1 and World Wonder Ring Stardom, both in Japan.

Dakota Kai’s career as a professional wrestler has taken her all over the world, where she has honed her skills and made a name for herself as a strong rival. Even though she isn’t in the ring right now because of an injury, her work in WWE and the wrestling business as a whole has made an impression on fans all over the world.

What Happened to Dakota Kai?

Dakota Kai surprised everyone by coming back to WWE at SummerSlam in 2022, even though she had been fired from the company just a few months before. When she came back to WWE, she joined forces with Bayley and Iyo Sky, who were also making their way back. They joined forces to form a group called Damage CTRL.

Their goal was to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships for the third time. On the May 12, 2023, show of Friday Night SmackDown, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez were the reigning champions. Dakota Kai and Bayley made a tag team and went up against them.

Liv Morgan hurt her shoulder while playing in the game. Dave Meltzer, a writer who writes about wrestling, said that Morgan’s injury happened before Kai’s knee injury. During the fight, Kai tried to protect Morgan, even though he knew she was already hurt.

A few days later, Dakota Kai’s ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) was found to be torn. ACL injuries are thought to be serious and can take a long time to heal. According to Wrestletalk, Kai had surgery to fix her injury. Based on similar accidents and how long it took to get better in the past, they thought she would be out of action for about six months to a year.

Dakota Kai: WWE Star Suffers Injury

This bad turn of events made it harder for Damage CTRL to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships and put Dakota Kai out of action for a long time. The injuries to Liv Morgan and Dakota Kai are a reminder of the physical risks and challenges that professional wrestlers face as they try to entertain the crowd.

How Did Liv Morgan And Dakota Kai Get Injured?

Dakota Kai and Bayley challenged WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan. Their title bid failed. The contest exhausted both teams.

Dave Meltzer reported that Liv Morgan injured her shoulder during the match. Dakota Kai was hurt trying to protect Morgan. Kai’s tactics in this match appear to be consistent with professional wrestling’s emphasis on opponent safety.

Dakota Kai’s knee injury, potentially caused by the match’s violence, was not disclosed. Professional wrestling is physically demanding, therefore injuries are common.

The incident highlights professional wrestlers’ struggles to entertain audiences. They risk injury to deliver an engaging performance, despite their best efforts to protect themselves and their opponents.

Wrestlers like Dakota Kai work hard to keep their peers safe while performing well. Wrestling relies on their dedication to their skill and their colleagues.

WWE Confirms Dakota Kai is Injured

Dakota Kai tore her ACL on May 22, according to sports journalist Dave Meltzer. Meltzer’s report indicated that Liv Morgan had previously injured her shoulder during the match. Meltzer added that Dakota’s knee injury occurred while she was protecting Liv Morgan from her pre-existing injury.

Dakota Kai had ACL surgery on Tuesday, May 23. Professional wrestling ACL tears are serious injuries. They require knee surgery and a long recuperation period.

Dakota Kai’s ACL tear’s cause was not disclosed. However, professional wrestling’s physicality and unpredictability likely caused the damage.

Dakota Kai’s accident and surgery show the dangers professional wrestlers take to excite the crowd. Due to the sport’s strong impact, injuries can still occur.

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Wrestlers like Dakota Kai who undertake surgery and a tough recovery regimen to return to the ring deserve praise. ACL injuries need months of rehabilitation and physical therapy before wrestlers can return to full strength.

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