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Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date Update!

Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date: According to a new teaser, fans of pirates and Metroidvania-style games have only a few months to wait before Curse of the Sea Rats sails sail on several consoles.

The video released by publisher PQube provided fans a brief look at several of the boss battles that would be featured in Petoons Studio’s next action-platformer.

Both independent developers are hopeful that Curse of the Sea Rats’ graphic style and local 4-player co-op will attract players upon its debut later this year.

Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date

Curse of the Sea Rats will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 6, 2023. The new trailer showcases a range of boss battles against enemies such as The Necromancer, giant rat and monster hybrids, and a few different marine creatures, such as a crab riding another crab and a rat riding a large and menacing Toucan parrot named Banana.

The majority of enemies also appear to utilize numerous surrounding objects to aid them in combat, such as cannonballs from a ship that fires from both sides and octopus tentacles that conceal partially behind bordering plants.

Curse of the Sea Rats

The game contains a non-linear, vast map with hundreds of rooms, unlocked skill trees, and a mix of 2D and 3D models and environments as players navigate a variety of places solo or with up to three people in local co-op mode.

Local co-op, both with and without a split-screen, has experienced a renaissance in recent years on the video game landscape. KeyWe, Little Tina’s Wonderlands, and TMNT: Shredders Revenge are just a few examples of this seemingly long-overdue renaissance of co-op play.

Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date

Several games in the recent decade have focused on non-local multiplayer, effectively removing the player’s ability to look someone in the eye and ask them why they just did that thing that killed your character.

Ideally, titles like Curse of the Sea Rats will contribute to the resurrection of the nearly universally cherished ability to play games on the same television.

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‘Curse of the Sea Rats’ Characters

David Douglas

Just recruited in the Continental Army to fight against the British Empire was an American settler.

Buffalo Calf

While soldiers slept, a Cheyenne hunter was caught while releasing horses from an English detachment.


Bussa is a fugitive slave from the island of Barbados who leads a group of anti-slavery rebels.

Kane Yamakawa

Japanese onna-bugeisha, a shogun’s warrior on a covert mission in America.

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‘Curse of the Sea Rats’ Features

Four Playable Characters

You can experience the adventure alone or with up to three other players in local co-op mode. Select four playable characters, including David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa, and Akane Yamazaki. Learn the distinct playstyle, weaponry, and abilities of each character.

Throughout your trip, you can freely switch between characters to adapt to new obstacles, adversaries, and environments.

Curse of the Sea Rats Release Date

Improve and Upgrade

Gather spiritual energy and see Wu Yun, the Shen’s messenger, to get access to potent new skills. Progression through numerous skill trees, acquisition of combat upgrades, and health and defense upgrades. Unleash the potential of your inner element with spells and finishing moves that are lethal.

Lavish Art and Animation

A massive cast of characters is given to live by a hand-drawn art style inspired by classic animated films and the golden age of 2D platforming. Conventional 2D animation and illustration are perfectly combined with 3D environments to produce a breathtaking 2.5D platforming experience.

Exploration and liberty

If you are shipwrecked on the 18th-century Irish coast, you will need more than your swashbuckling abilities to find your way to freedom.

Explore over 16 distinct places and follow a non-linear path via a dense network of rooms and corridors. Solve side tasks, find secret areas and buried wealth, and encounter numerous endings in a main adventure with over 12 hours of gameplay!


Curse of the Sea Rats will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 6, 2023. Four playable characters and a hand-drawn art style create a 2.5D platforming adventure with over 12 hours of gameplay.

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