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Controversy Unfolds: The Game Receives Lap Dance from Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Amid Ongoing Feud


Rick Ross’ ex, Tia Kemp, made his fight with The Game worse by giving The Game a lap dance. This happened on Kemp’s new podcast, which she hosts with the mothers of Blac Chyna and Blueface. Things got very intense between Kemp and The Game on the show.

The statement means that Tia Kemp, who is the mother of Rick Ross’ child, has worsened or intensified the ongoing conflict (or “beef”) between Rick Ross and The Game by giving The Game a lap dance. This action is seen as provocative and likely to increase the tension between Rick Ross and The Game

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Tia Kemp who is the mother of Rick Ross has fueled the conflict and worsened with The Game by giving the Compton rapper a lap dance.

On the new Aunt-Tea Podcast, the game appeared, she hosts Tokyo Toni and Karlissa Saffold — the mothers of Blac Chyna and Blueface, respectively. At that time, all the things went hot between the pair.

everyone has noticed and speculating on that. In the clip of that episode which is posted online and took the social media platform, signee receives a lap dance from Kemp, who is the mother of Ross’ eldest son.

During the moment, the game emerged to be enjoyable according to him, “You know what’s so attractive about you? It’s just your attitude.”

After the end of the side against Drake in his beef with Kendrick Lamarand releasing the diss song “Champagne Moments,” the relationship of The Game and Rick Ros faced numerous difficulties within a month.

The Game Receives Lap Dance from Rick Ross' Baby Mama Amid Ongoing Feud

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The “Hate It Or Love It” MC has worked with Drizzy on “100,” hit back with a diss track of his own called “Freeway’s Revenge,” this track contained numerous offensive shots at the MMG mogul.

before referencing the aforementioned Drake-Kendrick feud, he rapped, “You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack/ Akademiks, give this n-gga an Ozempic starter pack. This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac’ [Drake] sings songs/ Shots rings out, the neighbor better have his Ring on.”

As per the information that came from Tia Kemp, the game also justified the Ross “like[s] to get peed on, Additionally, he took apart his “Bigges Bawse” persona.

He disclosed, “He gon’ tell us he just bought another crib, he living well/ But he won’t tell us about his health condition, he sick as hell/ He popping pills, they starting to fuck with his brain/ Seizures off the lean, Balenciaga shorts got shit stains”

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A mournful video is posted on social media as Rozay responded through the video in which he laughed, holding up a Louis Vuitton-branded cereal bowl and spoon, and said, “You n-ggas don’t wanna eat? Must not. You n-ggas starving”

The issue was later on explained by The Game with the Teflon Don in The Joe Budden Podcast, “A n n-gga sitting around just trolling. Keep that same energy, n-gga. Bump heads with a n-gga that really do this shit.”

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