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A Farewell to Remember! Late Lee Sun Kyun’s Final Masterpiece Escape Unveiled!


Late Lee Sun-Kyun actor featured in his final work in the film, “Escape: Project Silence” (hereafter “Escape”) which is set to be released. The compelling storyline of the film revolves around survivors in dire situations, deepening their bonds and family love.

This movie will take all social media platforms’ audiences because of its unique and captivating narrative. A press conference and media screening for “Escape” were held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul on 8th July.

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In the event, actors Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hee-won, Park Hee-bon, and Kim Soo-an appeared. The film takes the central stage of a story where a chain collision occurs in thick fog where survivors struggle a lot to escape from the uncontrollable military experiment dogs on the verge of a bridge collapse.

This film provided a sensational thriller experience while watching. Everyone is talking about the performance of late actor Lee Sun-Kyun as this film is his final appearance in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, he portrayed the role of the character Jeong-won who is visually represented as an administrative officer, trapped on the brink of a collapsing bridge.

The director Kim shared his thoughts about the actor Lee Sun-Kyun’s presence on the set. he said, “I wish Sun-kyun could be here. From the preparation stage to the set, he understood the devices and space on the bridge. We worked together to refine the movements and emotions of the characters, constantly discussing each element to shape the overall film.”


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Late Lee Sun Kyun's Final Masterpiece Escape Unveiled

The role of Jo-bak in the film is performed by prominent personality Ju Ji-hoon who is represented as a tow truck driver with a second job near the bridge in the movie. he said, “The fast-paced narrative and relatable characters combined with thrilling elements drew me in. My character, with a functional role within the film, was fun to portray.”

He continued, “I enjoy exploring different character styles, thanks to directors who see a broad range of potential in me.”

Kim Hee-won brought life to the character of Dr. Yang who is a lead researcher behind Project Silence. He said, “The story felt realistic, and being the catalyst for the events made it intriguing.”

High-profile celeb, Park Hee-Bon performed the role of Mi-ran, the manager and sister of professional golfer Yoo-ra (played by Park Joo-hyun) with depth of emotions specify, “I was curious about how the disaster would be visualized and looked forward to the challenge.”

Kim Soo-an plays Kyung-min, the rebellious teenage daughter of Jeong-won, who lost her mother two years ago. She expressed her excitement about the screenplay and admired her character’s bravery.

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To recreate the massive collision scene on Korea’s longest bridge, over 300 vehicles were used. Ju Ji-hoon said, “The set felt like a real location, helping us focus naturally.” Additionally, the actors Kim Hee-won and Park Hee-Bon highlighted the set’s realism and immersive atmosphere that the production team had provided them while filming.

“Escape” will be released on July 12. It is highly recommended to watch this gripping film!

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