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15 Christmas Office Pranks Are an Excellent Way to Lighten the Mood at Work

Christmas Office Pranks: If you’re seeking the greatest Christmas office prank ideas and don’t know what to do on Christmas Day, you need to look no further! Use these amusing office prank ideas to deceive your coworkers and pals.

Office pranks are an excellent way to lighten the mood at work. They are also an excellent method to have fun. This article explores the various methods for pranking coworkers. Some of them are humorous workplace pranks, while others are simple office pranks like office pranks for Christmas.

1) Fart Horn for the Chair

The prank could not be easier to pull off: anytime someone sits in the chair, the horn sounds. When a horn has the added ability to fart, it becomes far more amusing.

2) A Spider on the Desk

Not a single spider was harmed in the making of this joke. As the picture shows, you might make your coworker’s day a little more difficult by using a cup and a warning signal.

Christmas Office Pranks

3) The Sprout Keyboard

This practical joke is in keeping with the eco-friendly ethos of your organisation if that is the direction you are being encouraged to go. Sprout some grains by placing them between the keys and leaving them in the sunshine.

4) A Horn on The Door

Putting a horn that is triggered anytime a door is opened is a simple but very embarrassing prank to pull. Something with less volume is another option.

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5) Computer Virus/Update Hoax

  • Create a fictitious computer virus and observe the resulting terror!
  • Press Win+R on your Windows laptop and type notepad
  • Copy the script from the YouTube video’s description box
  • Using Notepad, follow the procedures in the following video!

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6) Ceiling Ghost

This trick works really well on Christmas! Insert a ghost cutout into the ceiling opening. If terrifying things are not your thing, you can even try something humorous.

7) Fake Coffee Leakage

Use this prop to spill fake coffee over vital documents or data. Before revealing that this is an elaborate joke, let your coworkers panic a bit. Bonus points for doing this immediately before a meeting.

Christmas Office Pranks (

8) Stick Your Noggin’ in the Freezer

This is an old-school prank played in college dorms that can be played in the workplace with equal success. You can make it look completely convincing with just a head prop and some cosmetics.

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9)Place the Car Key on the Top of the Vehicle

A new tactic involves taping a coworker’s car key to the ceiling of the party room, in an effort to prevent them from sneaking out early.

10) An Office Prank With Jelly

There’s no way you haven’t heard about this prank if you’re a fan of The Office. Easy to carry out, yet punishing for the sufferer who must clean up afterwards.

11) Enemies Glitter

Sending your opponent’s glitter can quickly ruin their day. The receiver will be finding glitter in unexpected places for weeks after opening any of the envelopes.

12) Eat Poop Edible Chocolate

Put a whole new spin on the expression “eat shit” with this chocolate that tastes like faeces. Each turd is moulded by hand from either brown or milk chocolate to resemble a real turd, and it is both realistic and delicious.

13) Toilet Snake

If you ask any man about the term “toilet snake,” he’ll likely tell you about the day he ate too much bread and dropped his own. Give him the devil’s kiss with a toilet snake and watch his face drop as you hear him roar with laughter.

14)Impossible to Pistachios

You may brighten your day by watching other people struggle to open this can of pistachios. Nobody will ever be able to crack the seal on this four-ounce tin, no matter how hard they try.

15) Circle Game Heat Reactive Mug

Using this heat-reactive mug, you can trick your coworkers into playing The Circle Game without them ever realising it. The black fades away when liquid is added, revealing a hand tracing a circle with its fingers.


These pranks are an excellent method to preserve office spirit and have a good time. Nonetheless, individuals must be mindful that these may also cause discomfort to coworkers. It requires time and effort to develop a great culture and raise team morale.

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