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7 Funny Christmas Pranks You Can Play With Your Family and Friends!

Funny Christmas Pranks: Despite the fact that Christmas is a time to spend with family and be happy and joyful, it may be fun to play a few pranks here and there, especially since few people will be anticipating them.

In this Instructable, I will demonstrate 10 easy pranks and booby traps that you can play on your loved ones. All of the tools and supplies used in this article can be found at a local dollar store, which is where I purchased them.

* Before you view the slideshow, I’d like to note that the video instruction will provide you with a better understanding of how these pranks are carried out, as each one includes a demonstration. * Be reckless at your own peril.

Funny Christmas Prank One

Underneath a plastic container, place a piece of wrapping paper. Fill that container with water or whatever you want, then wrap it like a gift.

Place a bow beneath the present to make it appear upside down, and when it is picked up, a huge mess will ensue!

Funny Christmas Prank Two

This second prank is for all of you cheapskates out there who give out Holiday Cards instead of real gifts, you know who I’m talking about. Once you’ve found the right card for that special someone, it’s time to booby trap it, which will require a straw and an ear plug with a string tied to it.

Make a couple of holes on the card’s bottom edge, suck some liquid inside the straw, and jam the ear plug underneath to keep it from leaking out. Tape the straw to the card’s crease, then thread the string through one hole and back through the other.

Funny Christmas Pranks

Staple the string to the opposite end of the card with the card slightly opened so that when it’s completely opened, the poor bastard who opens it will get their crotch wet, so make sure and get creative with what you put inside the straw.

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Funny Christmas Prank Three

For this practical joke, you need need a giant party popper. When you twist the bottom, the top will burst out, releasing confetti.

We’re going to attempt to pass off that party popper as a present by wrapping it in wrapping paper. To make my booby trap a little more explosive, I’ve placed party poppers inside. The next crucial step for the success of this prank is to place a label on the bottom of the party popper that instructs the recipient to twist the bottom to open it.

The loose top of the popper makes it simpler to launch the confetti. Therefore, simply place a bow on top, and your victim will not notice anything until they attempt to open the package.

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Funny Christmas Prank Four

To pull off this frustrating prank, you should first obtain your victim’s gift and then tape over the flaps.

Apply adhesive with a glue stick to all sides of the box, then start wrapping the present from one end and working your way around until it’s entirely covered.

Once the glue has dried, the wrapping paper will be extremely difficult to remove, making it difficult for anyone to open the package.

Funny Christmas Prank Five

This next trick will catch them off guard. You will need approximately four of these miniature party poppers, from which you will remove the noisemakers.

One on each side should be stapled to a little gift box with strings protruding. Once all four are joined. Connect the strings and thread them through a hole you must create in the box’s lid.

Funny Christmas Pranks

Use multiple staples to secure the strings to the top of the box and prevent them from separating.

Finally, affix a bow on top to conceal the strings, and the gift will appear normal until it is opened, of course.

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Funny Christmas Prank Six

This ambush requires a medium-sized gift box and a balloon. Fill the balloon with water; to make things more interesting, I added Kool-Aid. Place the balloon inside the box without tying it; simply trap the balloon’s tip between the box and the lid. Simply place it underneath the tree.

Funny Christmas Prank Seven

Raise the stakes of your office jokes by driving your employees absolutely bonkers with this elusive and torturous piece of audio equipment. The device is small enough to hide practically anywhere. And it regularly emits beeps and other unpleasant noises to keep everyone on edge.


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