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Some Greatest Christmas Gift Pranks For Family, Kids and Friends!

Christmas Gift Pranks: Despite the fact that Christmas is a time to spend with family and be happy and joyful, it may be fun to play a few pranks here and there, especially since few people will be anticipating them. let’s get started.

Christmas Gift Pranks For Family and Friends

Tactical Cargo Socks Prank

Those who enjoy the great outdoors will appreciate these tactical Cargo Socks. The big, waterproof pockets not only keep your belongings safe from moisture and snow but also ensure that they are always within easy reach.

Live Ladybugs Prank

Send your friend 1500 live ladybirds to give him nightmares for the rest of his life. They’ll give your bug-phobic pal the willies, and they’ll keep unwanted critters out of your garden and lawn, too.

Christmas Gift Pranks

I Heart Gay Porn Magnetic Bumper Sticker

For those who have wronged you recently, a magnetic “I heart gay porn” bumper sticker is the perfect instrument of vengeance. It’s large enough to be seen by everyone driving past, yet small enough to be placed discreetly on any car.

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Fake Poop Wildflower Seeds

Have fun playing practical jokes on your loved ones by giving them a box of fake faeces. It comes with a funny, personalised note for the receiver and can be planted to grow a wildflower after the laughter has died down.

Send an Anonymous Bag of Dicks

Send them an anonymous bag of dicks when you advise someone to “go eat a bag of dicks” to demonstrate your sincerity. The package is filled to the brim with little gummy dicks that will convey your message while protecting your anonymity.

Prank Pregnancy Tests That Always Show a Positive Result

Use the always-positive prank pregnancy test to scare your significant other into running away from you. This amusing item is virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article, and it is engineered to always yield a good result, even when used with regular tap water.

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Christmas Gift Pranks For Kids

Prank Box Featuring Baby’s First Gambling Set

Of course, your child can count, but can they count cards? If they haven’t acquired that skill by the time they’re out of diapers, their chances of making a living by bringing down casinos are diminishing rapidly. This empty prank gift box will give you some great material for a fantastic practical joke on mum and dad.

Wet Farts Spray

HUGE, ‘BAD GAS’-SCENTED FART SPRAY! – Spraying your victims with Laughing Smith’s Wet Farts extreme strength bum stench spray will cause them to grimace and their eyes to moisten.

Christmas Gift Pranks

A fan at the base of this 18-inch tube guy causes him to dance, squirm, and shake much like the real thing. Includes a 32-page mini-book detailing the colossal (and completely unexpected) beginnings of everyone’s favourite flailing arm man.


Impossible To Open Pistachios

You may brighten your day by watching other people struggle to open this can of pistachios. Nobody will ever be able to crack the seal on this four-ounce tin, no matter how hard they try.

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Fearsome Peeper Window Mask for Decoration

Don’t let the youngsters get any sleep tonight; hang this terrifying peeper window mask outside their bedroom instead. You may make it look like a frightening peeping Tom is lasciviously staring inside your home by mounting it just above the window sill.


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