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Barca new ’10’ scored after 322 days

After the departure of Lionel Messi, he was given the number ten jersey of Barcelona with a lot of hope. When Jersey got the right one, he was still off the field in injury rehabilitation. He got injured for the first time today. After 322 days he went to the field.

How long did Ansu Fati take to color the occasion? Exactly 10 minutes to match the jersey number! He was substituted in the 61st minute and scored in the 91st minute with a great shot from outside the box. who gave a great football gift in today’s match against Levante at their home ground Camp Nou, finally won the match 3-0.

Barca coach Ronald Coman, who was shown a yellow card in the previous match, was not in the dugout today. Barca’s assistant coach Alfred Schrader has taken charge in that place. But this season Barca has probably given the best performance today without Coman! Barca took a 2-0 lead in the 14th minute through goals from two Dutch forwards Memphis Depay and Luke de Young. Memphis could have scored a hat-trick if they hadn’t missed a few chances.

In addition to scoring goals, Barca’s youth performances, especially in midfield with Sergio Busquets, will give the Catalan club’s fans a new lease of life. Philippe Coutinho did not play badly as a playmaker between midfield and attack. However, Ansu Fati is in the discussion.

La Liga expert Gayem Balag, who is commenting on the match, was a testament to how Barca fans are raising new hopes around him. In the second half, he was warming his body by holding the touchline. It was understood that the Barcelona coach would field him after a while. Balag then painted a picture of the shift in Barca fans’ feelings, how quickly Barca fans have found confidence in Messi and Fatima.

Balag was saying that the Juan Gamper Trophy match was played at Barca the night Messi announced his departure from Barca at the Cannaveja press conference. In the tenth minute of the match, ‘Messi’ and ‘Messi’ were shouted by the Barca’s fans in the stadium. After a couple of days, it was confirmed that Messi would go to PSG. In the tenth minute of Barcs’s next match, Barca fans were cursed by PSG.

That’s it! In the last few days, in the tenth minute, nothing new was heard in the voices of Barca supporters. Today, the voices of the supporters became louder as soon as Barca came on the field leaving Fati on the bench again. This time ‘Messi’ is not ‘Messi’, ‘Fati’ ‘Fati’ tune in the voice!

Fati did not meet the expectations of the supporters! Ever since he came on the field in the 61st minute, he was explaining the speed and the twinkling of his feet, the injury could not hold his confidence forever. And the self-confidence of how much taitambura actually, it was understood in 91 minutes.

The pass coming from the right for him was almost occupied by the opposing defender a little above the midfield. But Fati fought there first, luck was with her. The ball went to Fati’s feet. What’s next! Fatir started running towards Levant’s goal post! Defender came in front, Fati cut him off in a foot dance. Then again with a flash of lightning shots! When the ball got into the net, Levante had nothing to do with the goalkeeper.

Barca have played well since the beginning of the night on the occasion of Fatir. Repeatedly shifting places among themselves, stunning opponents with small passes in the shape of a triangle … There was a glimpse of Barca’s old days. Barcaa’s pressing has also caught the eye.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in Memphis in the 7th minute. Memphis did not make a mistake in getting the ball into the net from the penalty to stop the defender in Levante. Goal again after 6 minutes. Left-back Sergio Deste’s great through went to the box, and Luke de Young, who went to Barca this season, scored the goal with a great finish.

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