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Neymar doesn’t like Mbappe anymore?

They were the hope of all PSG for four seasons. PSG bought Neymar Jr. and Killian Mbappe in the same exchange. The dream was that both of them would be enough to bring PSG to the Champions League. Although that dream did not come true, the pair of two stars was great. In European football and Calevdra in Europe, the Neymar-Mbappe duo has created fear in the opponents’ chests.

Lionel Messi has been their partner this season. Everyone is waiting for the ‘MNM’-trio to ignite together. So far they have been seen together in only one match. The chemistry of the three in that match was not very good. Coach Mauricio Pachettino says to give a little more time. Messi’s rhythm has not yet been understood by the rest of the team. But after yesterday’s incident, Pachettino was forced to grow anxious. After creating chemistry with Messi, now that he has to handle the cracks of the old pair. Neymar does not want to pass Mbappe or the field!

The distance between Neymar and Mbappe was well felt in the match against Mompeli on Saturday. PSG had the absolute power in the match. They have attacked one after another. But they needed a great shot from Idrisa Gana to get the goal in the first half. Anhel Di Maria and Ander Erera created one opportunity after another from midfield, but Neymar and Mbappe failed to capitalize on them.

PSG had 16 shots in the match. There were 6 in the first 10 minutes. But PSG had to wait for 6 minutes to make the winning margin 2-0. Neymar’s best form was seen in the attack in 6 minutes. Julian Draxler’s goal in the first touch just came on the field. However, Mbappe could not play such a role. Because, he has already been taken off the field.

Neymar and Mbappe have been seen repeatedly in the match, desperate to score goals. And in doing so, both of them are not showing any interest in passing to their partner. Sometimes they were going in front of each other without trying to go to a place convenient for the pass.

Neymar did not pass him despite being in a favorable position with Mbappe several times. Mbappe got the goalkeeper alone twice. However, Neymar did not increase the ball towards the French forward.

But in the 6th minute, the Brazilian winger scored the goal by passing Draxler. Although everyone was relieved to see that goal, Mbappe was angry. “He (Neymar) would not have given me this pass,” said Gana, who is next to Mbappe, after the goal on Canal Plus camera.

Neymar got his old friend Messi in PSG at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, after the arrival of Messi, Mbappe was looking forward to leave PSG. Clubs and supporters in Paris are furious with Mbappe over his attempt to move to Real Madrid. But Mbappe was doing his job by scoring goals on the field or by scoring goals with his teammates. He did not do that yesterday. Mbappe could not stop the anger.

The cat in the bag, however, went out!

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