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The Journey of Tia and Theous: Are They Still a Couple?

If you are a fan who wants to know if Tia and Theous are still together, click here. The struggles of the 42-year-old couple, Tia and Theous, were very interesting. Find out the truth about whether or not they are still together.
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Are Tia and Theous Still Together?

Tia and Theous, who are both in their 40s, have been together for over a decade and are thinking about getting married. But Theous’s close friendship with his mother makes it hard for them to get together. The couple recently told their story on the TLC show I Love a Mama’s Boy.

Thus talks about how he met Tia at a birthday party and felt an instant bond with her. They gave each other their phone numbers and talked on the phone the whole way home as if they had known each other for years. Both Tia and Theous have kids from past relationships, and they’ve been thinking a lot about getting married.

Tia, on the other hand, thinks that Theous needs to learn to set limits with his mother, who he thinks of as his best friend, “ride or die,” and journey partner. Theous and his mom spend a lot of time together laughing, playing games, talking, and going to parties. But it looks like Theous’s mom, Carolyn, goes above and beyond for him by doing things like doing his laundry, folding his clothes, and taking care of his mail and bills.

Carolyn thinks it’s funny that she’s sort of an administrative helper, but Tia thinks that at their age, Theous should be taking care of these tasks himself. Because Carolyn is always there, Tia sometimes feels like she’s invading her own house. Tensions start to rise when Tia tells Theous that he needs to put their relationship ahead of his need for his mother.

Even though Tia wants them to be less close, Theous and Carolyn are still very close. They get together often to do things like go shopping, take Carolyn to physiotherapy after her knee replacement surgery, and eat together. Carolyn even cuts and mixes Theous’ food to make things easier for her “baby” who is 42 years old.

Tia and Theous have been together for a long time and are thinking about getting married. But Theous’s strong bond with his mother makes it hard for them to live together in the future because Tia thinks he needs to set limits. Even though Theous and Carolyn have different interests, they still spend a lot of time together and have a close connection.

Mama’s Boy Dynamics vs. Tia and Theous

The clip shows some of the problems that the couple on the show “I Love a Mama’s Boy” has to deal with. Even though Theous and Tia have a lot in common and want to get married, Carolyn, Theous’s mother, makes it hard for them to do so. Carolyn does things that are usually linked with being independent, like paying the bills and do her son’s laundry.

Theous has a close connection with his mother, but Tia thinks he needs to set limits and put their relationship first. Theous admits that he had something to do with the conflict, and Tia talks about how important it is to feel supported and appreciated. The passage also talks about how they first met and how their relationship grew from there.

The first time they met, they hit it off right away. They quickly swapped phone numbers and talked as if they had known each other for years. This good start set the stage for a growing relationship, and Tia told him she really wanted to take the jump and get married soon.

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But Theous’s 69-year-old mother, Carolyn, stood in the way of their happiness as a married couple. Even though they loved and laughed together, Carolyn was very active in her son’s life, taking on responsibilities that usually come with being an adult. Carolyn seemed to take on the part of an administrative assistant, taking care of his bills, organizing his mail, and folding his laundry while making jokes about it.

Are Tia and Theous Still Together

Theous was endearingly honest when he said that his strong feelings for his mother made him feel conflicted. He called her his “ride or die,” and the two of them enjoyed doing things together, like gaming, making fun of each other, and going to parties.

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Tia, on the other hand, thought that Carolyn might have taken advantage of her knee surgery to spend more time with her son. She said this while acknowledging how serious the operation was.

Thus, who knew he was part of the problem, said in a humble way, “I do know I’m a hard pill to swallow.” Tia, on the other hand, said, “For this relationship to work, I need to know that he has my back 100% of the time.”

Where are Tia and Theous Currently?

Many people are curious about whether or not Tia and Theous are still together. During the ten years that Tia and Theous were together, everything seemed to be going well. But there was an underlying problem that made it hard for them to get married. It was hard for Theous to find a balance between his unwavering love for his mother Carolyn and his deep love for his girlfriend Tia.

So far, their journey has been a search for balance, as they’ve tried to find a way to love and care for Theous’ mother in a way that doesn’t hurt their own relationship. Tia and Theous were almost ready to take their relationship to the next level, but the complicated dynamics of their family and love relationships still needed to be worked out.

The hard part is making sure that Theous’s love and care for his mother don’t overshadow what his partner needs and wants. The couple still has a long way to go to find this careful balance between loving their family and building their own life together.

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As time goes on, no one knows what will happen to Tia and Theous’s relationship, which keeps people interested in their story guessing. Will they be able to find a way to live together peacefully while dealing with love, family, and their own goals? Time will tell which way Tia and Theous will choose to go as they continue to look for long happiness and satisfaction.

I Love a Mama’s Boy

I Love a Mama’s Boy is a TV show on TLC that looks at the complicated relationships between boys and their mothers who are very close to them. The show shines a light on people who put their close relationship with their mothers above everything else. This can lead to unusual and often shocking situations.

One interesting thing about the show is that it looks at partners whose actions go beyond what people usually do. This includes playing with or flirting with their own mothers, which can sometimes involve things like hitting their mothers behind for fun. The unique relationships between the characters make the show unpredictable and interesting. The strange and surprising things that happen on the show keep people watching.

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