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Who Is Jeanne Moore Dating?

Many of you might not know her, but she is the girlfriend of a famous person. Jeanne Moore’s love interest, who ended up winning the Oscars 2023, is getting a lot of attention.

Wow! What’s that? Even though it was his first time, he did a heartbreaking job. Who is he, though? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Jeanne Moore is.

Who is Jeanne Moore?

Jeanne Moore is a professional makeup artist who knows how to do everything. Jeanne is now 50 years old. She was born on October 7, 1972.

She was born in the California city of Garden Grove. Jeanne joined the April Love Academy after she finished school to learn how to make beautiful art. She is great at Special FX and runs a business called Jeanne Makes You Up, which you didn’t know.

Jeanne Moore is also a producer and a director, among other things. She used to work as a live multi-camera editor at the Wall Street Theater. The Movetube Network and BG Star Productions are two other places of work.

Coming back to Jeanne Moore’s personal life, the artist has recently become more well-known, especially since she attended the 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023.

How did she get there? To make her boyfriend feel better. Things are going well in the relationship, which seems to have just begun. Here are the details if you want to know who Jeanne Moore is dating.

Jeanne Moore Dating:

Jeanne Moore is seeing Brendan Fraser, who she says is her boyfriend. Oh, really? Yes! You are correct.

This year, the actor won an Oscar for his great work in The Whale. Congratulations again! Jeanne Moore, who is dating him, also posted a picture about how proud she was of him and how great an honor it was.

She even told him that she is proud of him. Who doesn’t know Brendan Fraser at this point? Brendan is a versatile actor who is best known for movies like “Encino Man,” “Doom Patrol,” “The Last Time,” “Line of Descent,” “No Sudden Move,” and many more.

It was said that Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore met in 2020 after they worked on a project together. But there wasn’t an instant attraction between them. Well, it’s been six months since Jeanne Moore appeared to be sharing a romance with the Batgirl actor.

Who Is Jeanne Moore Dating?

Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore went public with their relationship in September 2022. For the very first time, they walked to the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, hand-in-hand.

While receiving the award, Brendan gave a very brief yet thoughtful speech, including the name of his love interest. He said, “I couldn’t do any of this without the love of…the clarion call that is my girl Jeanne. “Thank you a lot.”

Brendan Fraser, who plays Dr. Jekyll in “The Mummy,” used to be married to Afton Smith. They broke up after being married for a long time, in 2009, to be exact.

They had three kids together. Their names were Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser. Brendan Fraser seems to have found the love of his life after a few years. Everything is going well between the two of them.

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Jeanne Moore and Brendan Fraser are very much in love. This is clear from the way they talk about each other in interviews, at events, and even on social media.

Things are really bad. In spite of everything, neither of them has said anything about plans to get married soon. We can’t think that right now. Well, it’s okay, because good things take time.

Who Is Jeanne Moore Dating?

Brendan Fraser, on the other hand, once called his ex-wife Afton “super mom.” We hope that Jeanne Moore gets along well with the children as well.

In the long run, that would have to be done. Jeanne Moore should have the best days of her life from now on. Make sure you’re following Jeanne on Instagram so you can find out more.

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