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Alexis Skyy Baby Daddy: Who Is the Real Father of Alexis Baby?

Who is Alexis Skyy’s baby daddy? Some people thought he was her long-term boyfriend Fetty Wap because of this. But the truth is that he isn’t. Who is that person, then? Even though that relationship is over, fans have been asking a lot of questions about it recently.

Before we talk about who the father of Alexis’s baby is, let’s take a quick look at how well-known the TV star is.

Starting from the beginning, Alexis Skyy is a well-known TV star who is best known for several seasons of the Vh1 reality show Love & Hip Hop. Even though her life seems very rich and exciting now, it wasn’t like that when she was a child.

She has had a lot of trouble. Why? What happened? Alexis Skyy was kidnapped when she was only 15 years old and forced to work as a slave. Also, after about three years, she learned who her real father was and met him.

Alexis Skyy began to become well-known in 2017 when she made her first TV appearance. In other words, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood was the first show she was in.

Later, she got on the Atlanta and New York versions of the show. Alexis Skyy comes from New York, but that’s about all we know about her background. Alexis is, in fact, an American.


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When it comes to her personal life, Alexis Skyy dated Fetty Wap for a couple of years. Do you not think that was for a long time? Because of this, some people believe that he is the father of her child.

But he’s not. The TV star is also with other people. Finally, Alexis’ baby’s father has been proven to be someone else. Qui est-il? Here’s what we know about Alexis Skyy’s baby daddy if you’re looking for him.

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Meet Alexis Skyy’s Baby Daddy: Who Is He?

Alexis Skyy is a mother, which you may already know. She is a baby girl, and her name is Alaiya Grace. She was born in 2018.

Fans thought Fetty Wap was Alaiya’s father at first because he took care of her after she was born. They were wrong, though!

Brandon Medford is the father of Alexis Skyy’s child if you were wondering. How did they find out the truth? After Brandon took a paternity test, the news got out.

Earlier, rumors started to spread that the model hid the real name of her baby daddy because it would make her more money. But, Brandon Medford is a successful entrepreneur.

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While that was going on, Brandon dropped a hint that Fetty Wap might be her father. What happened? In December 2020, he said something about a picture of their daughter. It said, “Daddy’s girl,” and then an emoji of a heart.

Why would someone say something like that if they didn’t have a biological father? Before that, Fetty, who was there for Alaiya’s doctor’s appointments, said that she wasn’t his daughter.


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Putting the misunderstanding aside, who is Brandon Medford, the father of Alexis Skyy’s child? He sells cars for a living, and some well-known celebrities are among his customers. His collection is also very unusual.

To be more specific, Brandon is the owner of PTG365 and serves as its CEO.

Alexis once told her friend that Brandon wasn’t ready to take the paternity test unless she bought a car from him. So, she did buy one! On this note, the real baby daddy said, “It was a private conversation, and it took a week to get the results.”

Alexis Skyy even said that Brandon Medford wasn’t taking care of their baby, Alaiya, the way he should. We only want what’s best for Alaiya.

Who Is the Real Father of Alexis Sky Baby?

After taking the test, it was clear that Brandon was the dad. Alexis is telling everyone that Brandon sold her a car without plates and that he is ashamed of their disabled daughter.

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