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What Happened To Maddie Show?

Where did Maddie’s show go? What happens when a person who is already dead decides to look into her own murder? In the new trailer for the upcoming Paramount+ show School Spirits, a dead student named Maddie Nears is stuck in a very strange situation.

As Charley, a fellow student, said, the school used to feel like an eternity, but now it really is. These Split River High Afterlife Support Group students are doing something unusual to help Maddie find out more about what happened to her after she died.

How did she die? Let’s find out what went wrong with Maddie’s show.

What Happened to Maddie Show?

In the brand-new Paramount thriller drama, Maddie is killed by a killer no one knows. When the ghost of a teen girl gets stuck in her high school, everyone is a suspect. Who is this killer nobody knows about?

Maddie joins the Split River High Afterlife Support Group soon after she dies, under mysterious circumstances, to figure out why she died. Maddie isn’t alone on this journey, though.

Soon, Rhonda (played by Sarah Yarkin) and Wally (also played by Sarah Yarkin) join her (played by Milo Manheim).

What Happened To Maddie Show?

Even though the real killer isn’t known, everyone is a suspect, including Maddie’s boyfriend Xavier, the leader of the support group Mr. Martin, and Maddie’s friend Nicole, who is also grieving. Even though Maddie doesn’t know who killed her, is it someone who knew her?

Who is Playing Maddie in School Spirits?

Peyton List, who is known for her role in Cobra Kai, will play Maddie in the high school supernatural drama. On Cobra Kai, the actress plays Tory Nichols right now.

She has also been in a number of movies, such as Swimming for Gold, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and Hubie Halloween. Check out the new trailer for School Spirits, a movie that will be on Paramount+ in March.

Even though not much is known about her personal life, she did go public with her boyfriend Jacob Bertrand last year. Before Cobra Kai, they had already worked together in other movies.

The alleged couple first worked together on a Disney Channel original movie called The Swap in 2015. Even though they worked together, the co-stars didn’t start dating right away. Instead, they were friends first.

Bertrand has talked about the relationship, saying that they have been dating for a while and that it is unusual for him because he has never dated someone he has worked with before.

The actor said that the whole thing was like a fire test. The actor spilled even more when he said that she is close friends with her brother Spencer, even though he thought it was weird at first.

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School Spirits: Here’s What We Know About the Paramount Series 

Nate and Megan Trinrud, along with Oliver Goldstick, are the creators and executive producers of the new Paramount show. Goldstick is also the showrunner. Goldstick is also an executive producer, and the first two episodes of the season will be led by Max Winkler, who is also an executive producer.

There will be eight installments. On March 9, the show will be available to stream only on Paramount +. Oliver Goldstick has been on Pretty Little Liars and Bridgerton, which are both popular shows.

What Happened To Maddie Show?

The show is based on Nate and Megan Trinrud’s upcoming graphic novel in a loose way. Peyton List plays the main character, and Kristian Flores, Spencer MacPherson, Nick Pugliese, Rainbow Wedell, Milo Manheim, Josh Zuckerman, Maria Dizzia, and Kiara Pichardo are also in the cast.

In the new show, actors Josh Zuckerman and Maria Dizzia, who fans may know from Orange Are the New Black, will play Mr. Martin and Sandra Near in recurring roles.

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