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Who Is Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby Daddy?

Want to know who had Anna Nicole Smith’s baby before she died? Anna Nicole Smith, a famous model, actress, and TV personality, started out as a Playboy Magazine centerfold. Smith became a model over time and worked for well-known companies like H&M, Guess, and Heatherette.

Some of the movies that the Playboy model has been in are Hudsucker Proxy and The Naked Gun 3313. Soon, Anna took Claudia Schiffer’s place as the Guess Jeans girl.

Marilyn Grabowski, who was the photography editor of a magazine, once said that Anna Nicole Smith was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen without makeup. Everyone was charmed by her beautiful smile, but she was gone too soon.

Anna’s marriage to J. Howard Marshall, an 89-year-old oil tycoon in Houston, caused a huge stir in the media, with many people calling her a gold digger. But the two said it wasn’t for money but love.

Howard dies soon after, but Anna’s name is brought up in court because her name wasn’t in Howard’s will. Find out who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s child.

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Who Is Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby Daddy?

Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s child. In 2006, Anna and Larry’s daughter Dannielynn was born at the same time. But Howard was at first named as the father on her birth certificate.

But it wasn’t until much later that the photographer Larry asked for proof of paternity and a DNA test. At last, it was proven that Larry really was Dannielynn’s dad.

Anna died five months later when she was found unconscious in a hotel room in Florida. The model who used to work for Playboy was only 39 years old.

Who Is Larry Birkhead?

Larry Birkhead is a photographer who lives in California. In 2020, an episode of the Lifetime show Hopelessly in Love was all about Larry and Anna’s growing love.

Later, in January 2022, Netflix announced that it would be making a documentary about Smith’s life that would include some footage that had never been seen before.

Larry talks about his ex-girlfriend Anna and how she inspired many people and changed many lives. Birkhead went on to say that this is not why people are still interested in Anna Nicole, and he thinks that will be the case for a long time.

On the 15th anniversary of Smith’s death, Larry talked about how her passion is still alive today in the form of a truly unique teenager who looks like her mother and has the same courage and beauty.

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Was Anna Nicole Smith Married?

Smith was only 26 years old when she married J. Howard Marshall in 1994. She used to be a star on the TV show Playboy. Howard was 89 years old at the time, so their big age difference was a big deal and got a lot of media attention.

Anna was accused of being a gold digger, so she started talking about how much she loved Howard for what he had done for her and her son.

In an early interview with Larry King on his show in 2002, Anna said that she had never had a love like this before because no one had ever loved her and done things for her, and respected her, and he didn’t care what people said about her.

Marshall died after only 13 months of being married, but he told Smith not to include him in his will. Anna Smith later went to court to fight with Marshall’s family for a piece of his estate, which was worth millions of dollars.

In an interview with Larry King in 2002, Smith talked about how much she loved her husband. She said that J. Howard Marshall gave her something more valuable than money and something she had never had before.

Larry, who used to be with Anna, said in an early interview that Anna talked about her late husband Howard the most out of all the people she talked about.

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