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Afridi advises to stay away from India-Pakistan conflict

The New Zealand team has given a big blow to Pakistan. They were supposed to play ODI and T20 series. The Kiwis also reached Pakistan to play two series. But the game did not roll on the field. The New Zealand team left Pakistan without showing any reason due to security concerns. Former Pakistan cricketers are yet to accept the suspension of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Shahid Afridi sees India’s responsibility in this incident. The former Pakistan captain has called on other countries not to blindly follow India. Afridi also wants the ICC to intervene in these matters.

Afridi gave an interview to Cricket Pakistan. There, Afridi talked about Pakistan cricket, current national team, World Cup team selection. Of these, we must talk about the most talked about events of the present time. Afridi is deeply saddened by the cancellation of his tour of New Zealand. He is of the opinion that the image of Pakistan has been tarnished in this incident.

Afridi claimed that New Zealand had erred in its decision to cancel the series alone without consulting the PCB. The security members of the visiting team took full observation. All the way is told. Only when all the preparations are done will the tour be allowed.

New Zealand said in a statement that it had received information by e-mail that the group could be attacked. After New Zealand, England has also canceled the tour of Pakistan. While England’s coroner’s biological protection is the main reason for the fatigue, security threats are also known to have played a role in his decision. Because, New Zealand and England take the advice of the same security agency.

From the Pakistani media to cricket-related, everyone is watching India’s conspiracy behind it. Afridi thinks so too. He called on the “educated” countries to make the right decisions, saying, “If we look better, we can easily understand what the real purpose is.” These fake e-mails should not be given too much importance. And the educated countries should distance themselves from the India-Pakistan conflict and decide alone.

Afridi is angry with New Zealand for canceling the series, saying, “Everyone loves New Zealand cricketers in Pakistan. Such acts of theirs are unforgivable. If there was a real threat, they could have reported it to the PCB and waited until the Pakistani security forces found out how they viewed the matter. ”

Afridi has called on the ICC to intervene in the matter in the future.

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