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New Zealand’s white flag after Pakistan’s declaration of ‘war’

Pakistan will face India in their first match of the T20 World Cup. Fighting with ‘eternal rivals’ will naturally add an extra dimension to Pakistan. However, this time in the T20 World Cup, Pakistan will have its eye on the other two matches — New Zealand and England. Pakistan has somehow declared war on these two groups! Ramiz Raja, chairman of the country’s cricket board, has said that the match between the two teams should be aimed at unleashing their frustrations. Because, in recent times, the ‘behavior’ of New Zealand and England with Pakistan cricket.

New Zealand has canceled the tour due to security reasons. England has also announced not to visit. Pakistan wants to give the ‘answer’ to this on the field. However, Pakistan will not meet England at least before the semi-finals. However, New Zealand will play their first match in the group stage against Pakistan in Sharjah on October 27.

New Zealand head coach Gary Steed understands Pakistan’s frustration. But for now, he flew the ‘white flag’. The coach also reminded that his team and players had nothing to do with the cancellation of the Pakistan tour.

Now that the tour has been postponed, the New Zealand coach wants to focus on pre-World Cup preparations. But this match will be against them like ten other matches for us. No matter how many matches I play, I have to fight in all of them. Pakistan-India will have to play at the beginning of the tournament. They will not play too many matches before the World Cup. In fact, you have to do better on a certain day. ‘

But the New Zealand squad has also been pushed to cancel the Pakistan tour, which is what Steed says, ‘I think they are fine now. What has happened to Pakistan is certainly disappointing. The players are also upset. We feel bad for Pakistan cricket and their supporters. ‘

New Zealand went to the UAE after canceling the Pakistan tour. Some of the members of the T20 World Cup XI have remained there. They are practicing under batting coach Thilan Samarabira. Adam Milne, who is on reserve along with 9 other members of the World Cup squad, is playing in the IPL.

Stead says they are not thinking about the Pakistan tour at the moment, “The decision was beyond our control. Those who are in Dubai are getting ready now (for the World Cup). He is also getting a chance to play in IPL. It will also help in the preparation of the team. ‘

In addition to Pakistan-India with New Zealand in Super Twelve, there is also Afghanistan. Two more teams will join from the first episode. Bangladesh can be one of those two teams. Stead believes the tournament will not be easy for the Kiwis. The other two teams that will come, one of them is most likely Bangladesh. They will also be tough in Asian conditions.

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