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Youtuber Slick Goku Death And Obituary: How Did Reggie Groover Die?

Fans became interested in Slick Goku Death as soon as his Father told them on January 20, 2023, that he would die too soon.

Reggie Groover was a well-known American YouTuber who went by the name “Slick Goku.” He died at a young age with his family around him. On his YouTube channel, Slick Goku had 266,000 subscribers and over 43.7 million views.

The YouTuber became famous for making videos about Goku, the main character in the animated series Dragon Ball Z. All of Reggie’s fans are shocked by his sudden and untimely death, and the whole community is sad about the loss of this talented YouTuber.

His father wrote on social media Slick to say that he had died. Goku was creative, so he made his own YouTube community and worked hard to edit videos.

Youtuber Slick Goku Death And Obituary

Sources say that Slick Goku died on January 20, 2023, while his family was around him.

After he died, the well-known animator Devil Artemis Animation said that his family gave him permission to post this. He wrote that his close friend Reggie @SlickGoku2GS is no longer with us.

Fans became interested in Slick Goku Death as soon as his Father told them on January 20, 2023, that he would die too soon.

Youtuber Slick Goku Death

According to medicotopics, his mother, Janice Gore, and his friend, Juston Schramm, have set up a “Gofundme” fundraiser to help pay for Slick Goku’s funeral.

Go Fund Me has raised about $19,363 from 610 people for his funeral. A Go Fund Me page says that Slick Goku’s funeral will likely be held on January 28, 2023.

How Did Reggie Groover Die?

Even though his family didn’t tell the media the real reason for his death, several websites say he died because of a severe seizure.

Reggie was a YouTuber and gamer from Goleta, California, in the United States. He was currently living in Santa Barbara, California.

Reggie died with his family around him, and now his family wants donations to help pay for his funeral.

The YouTuber started his gaming channel on December 1, 2018, and as of today, there are 591 videos on it. Reggie put up his most recent YouTube video on January 18, 2023. It’s called Eren Jaeger Meets Optimus Prime [SFM].

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Is Reggie Groover Available On Twitter?

The YouTuber is active on all of the most popular social media sites, so he or she also has a Twitter account with the handle @SlickGoku2GS.

Reggie joined the platform in January 2016, before he even had a YouTube channel. He now has about 9,100 (9.1K) followers on the forum. On January 19, 2023, he sent out his last tweet.

The internet is full of tributes to Slick Goku’s cab made by different artists and his friends.

Slick Goku is well-known for being a recurring character in DevilArtemis’ Cell VS Series. He is from the YouTube channel with the same name as the character who voices him, so he could be called a “Guest Character.”

A Twitter user named @KazsTweetDump shared a tweet with the caption “Slick Goku is dead. He was one of the best YouTube content creators and an inspiration to many aspiring creators” to show how sad he was about Slick Goku’s death.

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