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Is Papa John Gay? His Sexuality, Partner!

Is Papa John gay? Before they divorced in 2018, the former CEO of Papa John’s International Inc. was married to Annette Cox for 30 years.

John Schnatter is a well-known American businessman. He started the pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s International Inc. and was its first CEO and chairman.

The business started when the man from Indiana sold his car and used the money to buy used restaurant equipment. Because of his drive and hard work, he became one of the best business owners.

Aside from his work, a lot of people are interested in the businessman’s personal life. People want to know if the former CEO of Papa John’s is gay.

Is Papa John Gay?

John Schnatter, who started Papa John’s, doesn’t seem to be gay. He was with Annette Cox for more than thirty years. Kristine, Beau, and Danielle Schnatter are the children of the former couple.

John Schnatter with Annette Cox, who was his wife at the time.

Since he divorced his wife in 2019, the man from Indiana hasn’t been in a relationship, which may have made some people wonder about his sexuality. But it’s safe to say that an entrepreneur is a straight man.

Schnatter and Annette Cox got married on April 11, 1987, and they lived in Anchorage, Kentucky. On December 5, 2019, John’s ex-wife filed for divorce.

Is Papa John Gay

Cox said that she and John had been apart for eight months (April 2019). She wrote that there was no way to fix the marriage.

Heavy said that John Schnatter’s ex-wife owns a Papa John’s in Louisville. She and her husband have been very active in the business, and they have owned the franchise since the late 1980s.

The company is called Joe K Corporation, even though it does business as Papa John’s. Fewer than 50 people work there. Also, the annual report that was turned in in June 2019 shows that the franchise makes almost $1 million every year.

John Schnatter’s Wife

John Schnatter and his ex-wife Annette were together when Papa John’s first started. Three years after selling pizza out of the converted broom closet, the two people who used to be together got married.

In a 2013 interview, the business owner said that Cox was the best person he had ever met. John also said that Annette is the best person to run a Papa John’s franchise.

When Annette was pregnant with Danielle, she was in a car accident. Because of what happened, she had to give birth early. John Schnatter’s daughter had cerebral palsy from the time she was born.

But the business owner and his wife said that Danielle lives a normal life because she has had a lot of treatments and surgeries. The Schnatter-Cox daughter is a loving mom to two kids with her real estate agent husband, Evan McWhirter.

Papa John’s Net Worth And Career

Celebrity Net Worth says that Papa John Schnatter has a $400 million net worth.

After appearing in a series of national commercials with the catchphrase “better ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns.”

Papa John’s Pizza was started in 1984, and from then until the early 2010s, the company grew like crazy. In 2012, things started to go wrong for John Schnatter at the pizza Company.

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The business owner spoke out against the Affordable Care Act. The storm didn’t last long. But in 2017, he started another one when he blamed the NFL for his company’s bad financial performance.

So, John quit as CEO at the beginning of 2018. Until July 2018, he was still chairman of the board. After people found out about the bad things he said on a conference call, he left the Company quickly in July 2018.

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