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Yg Entertainment Wants an Investigation Into the Release of Jennie’s Images From Blackpink.

YG Entertainment, which represents the girl group Blackpink, announced on Monday that it has asked the local authorities to launch an inquiry to determine who was responsible for the initial leak of member Jennie’s private images.

YG released a statement on the same day that stated, “We have formally requested the police to investigate who initially leaked Blackpink Jennie’s personal images.” The statement was made in response to an incident that occurred earlier that day.

“YG has been keeping a close eye on the situation and brought a legal action against the other party in September after having gathered information. In an effort to limit the amount of additional harm that could be caused, we have refrained from commenting on the situation or issuing an official statement. However, as a result of such private images, there have been unfounded rumours, criticism, personal insults, sexual harassment, and invasions of personal life. We are now making public our intention to pursue legal action and make the necessary adjustments to the situation.
Jennie and V of BTS have been the subject of dating rumours in recent months, with photographs that people claim to be the two stars together circulating on the internet. The agency did not specify which incident it is referring to when it made its statement, but Jennie and V have been at the centre of the controversy.

The statement goes on to say that YG Entertainment will “take severe legal action against [online] posts that damage the character or reputation of our artists.” “In regard to this issue, we like to announce that we have also filed a lawsuit against individuals who make malicious posts or those who constantly upload unsubstantiated allegations. The lawsuit was filed for defamation, distribution of illegal material, and “obscene activities by utilising means of communication.”

We shall also take any and all legal action that is available against any additional damages that have been caused, and we will show no mercy. The photographs [of Jennie] that were shared online were published without Jennie’s authorization and in violation of the law. Spreading these photographs is an act of secondary victimisation, which can result in legal repercussions for the person doing so. I ask that you refrain from sharing those photographs with anybody and everyone. YG Entertainment is committed to continuing its efforts to safeguard the legal rights and financial interests of its recording artists.

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