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Interview With the Vampire Premiere Recap: Did Amc’s Adaptation of the Anne Rice Novel Get Your Heart Racing?

The statement “The vampire is bored” was spoken by Louis de Pointe du Lac toward the end of the initial broadcast of Interview With the Vampire. But you were, right? Before you provide your thoughts on how well AMC adapted Anne Rice’s novel from 1976 into a television series, let’s review the pilot episode together and consider whether or not it truly did leave us “In the Trenches of Increasing Wonder,” as the title of the episode suggested it might.

In the current day, Louis (played by Jacob Anderson), welcomed investigative journalist Daniel Molloy (played by Eric Bogosian) inside his opulent coffin penthouse to reenact the Q&A that had gone so horribly wrong almost half a century before. When the bloodsucker started recounting his story, he immediately transported us to New Orleans in 1910 and continued delivering his tale as he travelled back in time. During that time period, we found out that, much to the shame of his relatives, Louis had made the majority of his family’s money in the seedy section of Storyville.

The younger brother, Paul, played by Steven Norfleet, was especially critical of the decision because the birds in his mind had instructed him not to leave any Bible un-thumped. So yeah. Louis had a lot of money but he was miserable.

In point of fact, as far as we could tell, the closeted future vamp could only find genuine solace in the company of a prostitute named Lily, who was unconcerned by the fact that he was all talk and no action. This secure haven was, of course, swiftly made highly perilous by Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid), the filthy rich Frenchman that Louis had promptly and accidentally enchanted. Lestat de Lioncourt made this safe harbour extremely dangerous very quickly.

The vampire began his attempt to seduce Louis by being both openly hostile and telepathically attractive to him throughout their interaction. Or hunting him. In Lestat’s eyes, they were essentially the same thing anyway, as we are well aware. Finally, he took the initiative to pursue the girl he had a crush on by initiating a threesome with Lily and putting her to sleep so that he could “neck” with the girl.

Interview With the Vampire Premiere Recap

After everything had happened, Louis, who did not consider himself to be gay at the time, separated himself from his one-night stand. Even at his sister’s wedding, he still found time to let loose and have fun, dancing the night away with Paul in one of his more level-headed moments. On the other hand, Louis had not so much rounded a corner as he had gone in a circle.

After the wedding, while Paul and his brother were on the roof of their family’s home watching the sunrise, Paul revealed to his brother that after the wedding, Lestat had stepped out and told him that “he’s here to steal souls,” and then he had committed suicide by jumping from the roof. “That was the final sunrise I ever saw,” Louis said to Daniel. “That was the last sunrise I ever saw.” Louis left the wake on the night of Paul’s funeral in order to pay his respects to Lily, only to be informed that she had passed away due to “the fever.”
Louis, who was tormented by his guilt, started to make a sorrowful confession before Saint Augustine, but Lestat cut him off in the middle of it. Lestat then murdered not one but two priests and presented Louis with an alluring alternative to feeling like garbage about himself. The vampire answered, “I can trade this life of humiliation for another.” “In exchange, I will give you a power that you cannot even begin to fathom, as well as a horrible gift. You just have to ask me for it.” Louis, who had been completely disarmed by Lestat’s argument, did in fact beg for it and consented to being converted after allowing himself to be changed.

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