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Will Netflix Carry the Korean Drama Series “if You Wish Upon Me”?

If You Wish Upon Me, also known as Tell Me Your Wish, is a drama that aired on KBS2 and was intended to be available on Netflix; however, it won’t be there after all. If You Wish Upon Me, which stars Ji Chang Wook, is currently one of the new movies that people are looking forward to seeing the most this year.

Tell Me Your Wish is an upcoming South Korean drama that will be produced as an original production by Netflix and will originate from KBS2, which airs on conventional television. The director of the show is Kim Yong An, who was also responsible for producing The Cursed and Love Cells.

Netflix users who are familiar with Korean dramas will likely recognise several of the stars in this show. Because of his main performances in Lovestruck in the City and The Sound of Magic, Ji Chang Wook has been featured on Netflix not once but twice over the course of the previous couple of years.

Run On was one of the most watched shows on tvN, and Choi Soo Young portrayed the lead character, Seo Dan Ah. In addition, the actress appeared as a guest star in two different episodes of the show Move to Heaven.

Tell Me Your Wish is the first Netflix Original film in which Sung Dong-Il stars as the main character. He has been in a number of other Netflix films, but this is the first time he has taken on this role. In the first two seasons of Hospital Playlist, the second season of Chief of Staff, and the first season of Prison Playbook, he appeared as a guest actor. In addition, the actor played a supporting role in the film adaptation of Sisyphus: The Myth and Live.

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Why Won’t Netflix Have “If You Wish Upon Me”?

In the early part of this year, the month of August 2022 was placed as a placeholder release date on MyDramaList. In addition to that, it was stated that the show would be made available on Netflix in every region in the world. Soon after this took place, we blogged about it, and a representative from A+E Korea has since informed us that Netflix would not offer the show in any location of the world.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Netflix has only ever purchased Korean shows from production companies like tvN, Studio Dragon, and JTBC in the past. Instead, Rakuten’s Viki owns the rights to distribute the series internationally, and it may be viewed in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Do you wish that You Wish Upon Me was available on Netflix even if it isn’t? Tell us in the part below devoted to comments.

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