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Who Left ‘Special Forces? What Attracts People to Special Forces?


Who Left ‘Special Forces? Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, Fox’s newest reality series, follows 16 celebrities who are pushed to their mental and physical limits. These famous faces are challenged by military drills modelled to those performed by actual Special Forces agents.

Special Forces training is not for the faint of heart, what with the gruelling physical demands and the scorching heat of the Jordanian desert. A competitor can leave the show for any of three reasons: they can be “medically tapped,” or eliminated, due to an injury, they can flunk the training course, or they can leave voluntarily.

Every week, viewers tune in to see who will triumph and who will fall. Read on to discover the fate of the Special Forces personnel who were sent packing.

Who Left ‘Special Forces?

Who Left 'Special Forces

Episodes 1 and 2

The 16 new recruits were followed around for two days throughout their initial training at base camp for the first two hours of the launch of Special Forces. The group also bid their goodbyes to four other contenders during this period.

Kate Gosselin was the first recruit to quit after injuring her neck while attempting to dive from a helicopter into the water. Kate was transported to the hospital for x-rays and a medical tap even though she pleaded with the staff to let her stay. Then, due to severe dehydration, Dr Drew Pinsky “medically withdrew” from the tournament.

Tyler Florence, a chef, is the third contestant to drop out, and the first to “voluntarily resign.” After watching the toll the competition took on the other recruits, Tyler confessed he had made a commitment to his wife that he wouldn’t damage himself on the show, thus he decided to leave as a precaution.

After losing his thumb in a confrontation with a member of the Directing Staff, musician Montell Jordan decided to bow out.

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Episode 3

After two days, Jamie Lynn Spears said she missed her children and opted to leave the program willingly.

And Britney Spears’ little sister isn’t the only newbie who’s having a hard time mentally adjusting to the pressure of the game. Nastia Liukin, a winner of an Olympic medal, baulks on Day 3 at the prospect of participating in a military-style drill that involves being submerged in water in a car for 20 seconds while holding one’s breath.

Despite her success, Nastia’s opponent Gus Kenworthy comments on how unfair it is as Directing Staff member Remi Adeleke also finished the challenge.

After returning to camp, Nastia makes the decision to withdraw from the tournament. Mel B is enjoying a cigarette and thinking about her time in the service while the recruits are calming down for the night and getting ready for day four. Mel B loses her cool after Kenya Moore makes a remark about her smoking too near to the tent.

Mel B has reached her limit and wants to retire from the competition, so she informs the DS of her decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has Left the Special Forces?

Dr Drew Pinski, TV host and celebrity addiction specialist, was among the four celebrities dismissed from the original 16 who had initially participated. Medically ousted from the competition, he was joined by singer Montell Jordan and reality personality Kate Gosselin. Tyler Florence, a famous chef, departed the company voluntarily.

What Attracts People to Special Forces?

Although the pride of a job well done and the admiration of one’s peers are incentives in and of themselves, Special Forces members also earn numerous monetary perks in exchange for their superior abilities, specialized skills, and extensive training, as well as the risks they take on.

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