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Form 4868: Easy Way for Tax Extension With 4868 Form

IRS 4868 Form: Guide to the Document

Even if you are used to filling all your forms on time, it does not mean you are totally secure from unpredictable situations. Once in a lifetime, you may need a delay from filling your tax return. This is the moment when you need to get the 4868 form online.

What Is IRS Form 4868?

Not all taxpayers know what is IRS form 4868 since they provide tax reports on time and do not think about any other circumstances. While the form was created for specific cases when you can’t send the tax report to the Internal Revenue Service in time, you still need to pay your taxes according to the calendar. The 4868 form is also known as the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File US Individual Income Tax Return. Once you submit the document to the IRS, you can receive the delay and prepare the data you need.

Starting from 4868 blanks received by the IRS, you have no more than 6 months to send the tax report. You have to specify the amount of the sum owed and the taxes you pay. Make sure you pay your taxes on time.

Reasons to Request a Tax Extension

You can’t request a tax extension just because you decide so. There must be trustable reasons named so the IRS can consider the form. While you may have totally different reasons for your specific case, here are the most popular options:

  • Not all forms you need to send the tax return are sent to you. This is the most common reason to send an IRS extension form 4868. If you lack the Schedule K-1 if you are a beneficiary in the trust, for example, you have to wait and notify the Department in the first place;
  • Self-employed people can ask for a delay in the report to fund the retirement plan SEP. It will provide you with benefits if you want to set up the plan;
  • If you become the victim of a natural disaster and you can’t get all your documents filed in time, you have to report this situation to the IRS. In this case, it is better to consult the representatives of the IRS in advance and make sure you are eligible.

Where to Get Form 4868?

This tax extension is placed on the IRS official website together with hundreds of other forms you can find there. The portal also attached detailed instructions to the extension, so you would not have a problem filling it out. This is the first place where taxpayers are looking for templates. However, the IRS website does not provide you with tools to fill these documents online. You have to search for a third party to be able to complete the form right away.

This is why many professionals who work with forms for companies or self-employed business owners prefer a editor. This service is available online, provides an impressive catalog of templates you need, and contains all the tools to fill them once you open these documents. You may send the filled template via PDFLiner.

How to Fill Out a 4868 Tax Form?

Learn how to fill out a 4868 tax form in a few simple steps. The form is not that complicated and is only half a page long. The rest is the explanations from the IRS. It is recommended to check out these explanations in advance. They might be helpful for your case. PDFLiner allows you to use the tools to fill empty sections. Follow the next instructions:

  1. Write down the financial year you report your taxes, including the beginning and the ending. Make sure that there is an appropriate year in the corner of the template since IRS can provide updates to the form;
  2. Describe your identification in Part 1. You will see the lines for name, address, ZIP code, your SSN, and spouse’s SSNI if you have one;
  3. Provide information on the individual income tax in Part 2. You will have to share the amount of total taxes you’ve paid during the year, payments you’ve made, and your balance. Based on provided by the IRS instructions, calculate the amount that you are paying;
  4. You have to read 8 and 9 sections and put the tick in the box if your case matches these statements. It is better to read the instructions before putting anything there.

You don’t have to put your signature anywhere. Yet, you need to confirm to the IRS that you’ve made payments. You can pay online. In this case, it is better to save the information on the transaction that was made. Apart from that, you can always send a check.

Where to File a Tax Extension Form?

This form can be sent to the IRS in several ways. It is up to you which way you prefer. Classic regular mail may be not an option if you are worried about missing the deadline. Opportunities IRS offer:

  1. File a tax extension request online. You may have already used the IRS e-file program, allowing you to send the templates online. The 4868 is not an exception, and you can easily provide it to the Department in no time from your device. Once the form is there, you will be notified by the IRS;
  2. File a tax extension request by mail. This is a standard paper option you can use. IRS provides the address where you can send it within the form. Apart from that, you can call the Department and order the template’s paper version.

When is 4868 due?

The IRS form 4868 deadline is April 18, 2023. Usually, it is April 15, but if there are holidays or weekends, you can send it a day from the date. After that, you receive up to 6 months of delay.

Bottom Line

Form 4868 was made by the IRS to help taxpayers to report taxes with delay if they have a reason for it. You can use the tips to fill out the document without a problem. Once you are done with the document, begin to gather the data you need for your tax report.

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