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Who is Shaken’s Baby Daddy?

The Shake Baby case has been very popular in recent months, but when the world found out that a father had killed his baby, it came as a shock to everyone. This was both sad and shocking at the same time. People want to know more about what happened to that Shaken baby, how it died, who was responsible for this crime, whether it was done on purpose or not, and what is this “shaken baby syndrome.”

Every day, people commit crimes. You wouldn’t go a day without hearing about someone committing a crime. One terrible thing that adds to this is when you hear about a father killing his child. This makes you wonder about the values of parenthood and how a parent can go so far as to cross their own values and kill an innocent child. Well, this case is just the same as what has been said above.

Who is the Shaken Baby’s Daddy?

Oliver Mailey, the father of the dead baby boy, was an addict to marijuana. He is the one who killed his baby by shaking it over and over again, which caused the baby to get serious head injuries and bleed from the brain.

Who is Shaken’s Baby Daddy?

Even though no private information about him is known, it is known that he was a marijuana addict and wasn’t doing anything useful with his life other than living off of the money his wife Mollie earned when she worked.

At the time of the accident, he was at home with the baby, and Mollie was at work. When Mollie got to work, she got a call from Mailey, who screamed that something bad had happened to Abel. Mollie yelled to call an ambulance.

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Even so, Mailey made up a story that after he fed Abel, something bad happened to him and he stopped talking.

Later, when the police came to help, they started their investigation and found that Mailey was lying about feeding Abel and all the other things. They found out that Abel was at home with his dad Mailey while his mom Mollie was at work, so in December 2022, they pleaded Mailey guilty to manslaughter.

Not only that, but he didn’t even admit that he killed his baby son, even though doctors had told him that shaking him all the time would have a very bad effect.


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