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Who Is Jennifer Del Rio’s Baby Daddy?

Do you know who is the father of Jennifer Del Rio’s child? Most likely not. We’re talking about the actress from “16 and Pregnant,” who made headlines when she said she had a pulmonary embolism. Putting that aside for now, it seems like her daughter and her ex-boyfriend are more of a worry.

Why go back? That’s because he is the father of her child and they are no longer seeing each other. Before we go any further, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Jennifer Del Roi is.

Who is Jennifer Del Roi?

Jennifer Del Roi, a TV star from Riverview, Florida, is a good place to start. As her appearances on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant show, she was pregnant for the first time when she was 16 years old. In case you didn’t know, Jennifer’s former partner, who was 19 at the time, gave her twin sons, Joshua Devan, and Noah Matthew. Too young! In 2010, they were born.

When we talk about who Jennifer Del Roi’s baby daddy is, we probably think about who she dated before. He has nothing to do with her, but he is the father of her twin sons. But she also has a couple more kids with her current partner. We will talk about them soon. Who is the kids’ father? Here is what we know about Jennifer Del Roi’s baby daddy.

Jennifer Del Rio’s Baby Daddy:

When people talk about who Jennifer Del Rio’s baby daddy is, they start with Josh Smith, who used to be her boyfriend. In high school, they became friends. If you don’t already know, he never got along well with Jennifer’s parents.


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They don’t get along well, and there are some clear reasons why. At first, she planned for Josh’s name to be their last name. But her parents didn’t like what she chose to do.

In short, Josh Smith wasn’t liked by Jennifer’s parents. Even so, she said yes to his offer. But things got worse in the end. Why? What went wrong? Josh kicked her out of his car and grabbed the kids. They were heading toward his house. After a while, Jennifer’s mother came to get her and the other kids. Josh was arrested after this happened because he had broken the law.


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Jennifer’s parents told her not to see Josh Smith again under any circumstances. What, though? She noticed him. Where are the kids? Both went to court to get custody. Not only that, but they also filed orders to keep each other away. Josh Smith, Jennifer Del Rio’s baby daddy, didn’t seem like a good father or husband. But Josh is said to be in touch with his children. He changed their minds over the phone.

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Luis Gutierrez 

As you probably already know, Jennifer Del Rio has a couple more kids. Who are their parents? Well, Luis Gutierrez is the father of Jennifer Del Rio’s child. She’s not just going out with him; she’s also married to him. It happened in 2013. When it comes to their children, Sebastian (son, 2014) and Annabelle Cherie are their names (daughter- 2018).


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It makes me happy to see Jennifer Del Rio doing well as a mom. She has also found a wonderful partner with whom she lives a very happy life. Everything is going well. Also, she seems to have too much going on at work.

Don’t forget that Jennifer works as a farmer and runs a soap business and a YouTube channel. So now there are six people in the happy family. Luis seems to care about his family. He is the father of Jennifer Del Rio’s child.

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