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Who is Orlando Brown Wife? Does He Have Baby?

Orlando Brown Wife: Orlando Brown is a name that everyone in the entertainment business knows. His skill and charm have made him famous in Hollywood. Fans are often drawn in by how he acts on screen, but they are also very interested in his personal life, especially when it comes to his wife. In this piece, we will talk about Orlando Brown’s personal life, including his marriage and the woman who is always by his side.

Orlando Brown Bio

Category Information
Full Name Orlando Brown
Date of Birth December 4, 1987
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, Singer, Comedian
Known For Role of Eddie Thomas in “That’s So Raven”
Notable Works – “Major Payne” (1995)

Who is Orlando Brown?

Orlando Brown is an American actor and singer with a diverse career. He rose to stardom as a young actor in “That’s So Raven” with Raven-Symoné, playing Eddie Thomas. He was born in Los Angeles on December 4, 1987. Brown’s personality and wit won over Disney viewers.

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However, legal issues and public outbursts have plagued his personal life. Despite these obstacles, he has released multiple singles and albums. Orlando Brown’s fame has been a rollercoaster, reflecting his talent and fame’s complexity.

Orlando Brown Wife

Who is Orlando Brown Wife?

Orlando Brown is best known for his parts in Major Payne and That’s So Raven when he was a child actor and rapper. He is currently married to Danielle Brown, who is also the mother of their son Frankie, who is two years old.

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The couple got married in October 2020 and posted a picture of their wedding on Instagram with the description “Husband and wife! People told me I would always be a baby mama, but God told me, “I AM A WIFE.”

Danielle has helped Orlando get into a six-month program in Texas for people who are recovering from drug abuse. Orlando has said that his wife and faith helped him change his life for the better.

When Did Orlando Brown Meet Danielle Brown?

Married Orlando and Danielle Brown have a son named Frankie. They clicked right away after meeting through a friend in 2019. Orlando was amazed by Danielle’s generosity and support, while Danielle liked Orlando’s talent and personality.

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After a year together, they married in October 2020. They announced their nuptials on Instagram with a happy hand-holding photo.

They also admitted to having a two-year-old kid they named their “miracle baby”. Despite many challenges, Orlando and Danielle have always supported each other. Their faith and love helped them overcome obstacles and flourish as a family.

When Did Orlando Brown Get Married?

After a lengthy courtship lasting several years, Orlando Brown and Danielle Brown finally married the knot in October 2020. They shared the news of their wedding on Instagram with a snapshot of the two of them holding hands and wearing rings that were identical to one another.

Does Orlando Brown Have a Baby?

In the year 2020, Orlando Brown, a person who had a brilliant career as a child actor, tied the knot with Danielle Brown, ushering in a new chapter in his life.

Orlando Brown Wife

Danielle Brown is Orlando’s sister. Because of the birth of their son Frankie, their relationship has since flourished, and he is the source of much of the joy and contentment in their life.

Danielle has been a key figure in Orlando’s road to recovery, and he has heaped accolades upon her for her unflinching support in assisting him in overcoming his history of addiction.

Orlando Brown Family

Family is an important part of Orlando Brown’s life and journey. Orlando was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 4, 1987.

He has always been open about how close he is to his family. Michael Brown and Tanja Brown, his parents, raised him.

He has a sister named Shanice and a brother named Michael Jr. Orlando has relied on the love and support of his family through the highs and lows of his work.

They have been there for him as he faced the challenges of the entertainment business. Even though he is famous and sometimes gets into trouble, Orlando’s family is still a strong and stable part of his life. This shows how important family is, even when you are famous and wealthy.

Orlando and Danielle Brown Social Media Accounts

Orlando Brown Danielle Brown
Facebook Facebook
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter


In conclusion, Orlando Brown’s wife is a private character with little public information. While Orlando Brown is famous in the entertainment business, his personal life, including his marriage, has remained private.

Respect their privacy and focus on their work achievements rather than personal ties. Orlando Brown’s career has been rocky, yet we can appreciate his talents and efforts while respecting his personal life.

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