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Is NF Still Married? Who is NF Wife?

The American rapper NF and his wife Bridgette Feuerstein are still together. They got married on September 1, 2018, and have been living together happily ever since. Find out more about how long they’ve been together and what they’ve done in the music business.
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Is NF Still Married?

Nathan John Feuerstein, who goes by the name “NF,” is still married to Bridgette Feuerstein. In September 2021, they marked their third wedding anniversary. Bridgette, who goes by the name “Halfway Hippie,” is a writer and works out with the famous American rapper and record producer from Michigan.

NF’s music career has been going well, and on April 7, 2023, his fifth studio record, “Hope,” will come out. Even though NF is getting more and more famous in the music business, he and his wife Bridgette seem to be very happy.

The couple has been married for a long time, and they still share their lives and help each other succeed in their own ways. Their love and commitment have stayed strong, which has helped them deal with the challenges of a public job while keeping their relationship happy and peaceful. Fans and well-wishers are looking forward to NF’s new record and continue to admire the couple’s relationship, both in and out of work.

Who is NF Married To?

Bridgette Feuerstein is married to Nathan Feuerstein, who is also known as NF. After three years of dating, the pair got married on September 1, 2018. They got engaged in January 2018 and chose to take their relationship to the next level by getting married later that same year.

Bridgette is honest about her relationships and her family history. On World Day to Prevent Suicide, she said that her father had killed himself seven years ago. She uses social media to spread important messages and facts about suicide prevention.

is NF Still Married

The couple often posts about their happy times on social media, like their trips to new places and their Christmas and Easter parties. In September 2021, on the couple’s third wedding anniversary, Bridgette shared a short clip of their wedding day on Instagram to show how much they love and care for each other.

In addition to being a supportive partner, Bridgette is always sharing news about NF’s music business. For example, she promoted his latest single “HOPE” on her Instagram story. NF and Bridgette seem to have a strong and loving relationship. They enjoy every moment they spend together and continue to support each other in their personal and business lives.

NF About

Nathan John Feuerstein is a successful American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who goes by the initials “NF.” NF was born on March 30, 1991. His heartfelt and emotional songs have made a big difference in the music business. When Capitol CMG put out his first EPs, “I’m Free” in 2012 and an EP with his own name in 2014, he became known.

“Mansion,” his first album on a big label, came out on March 31, 2015. This was the start of NF’s career. Then, on April 22, 2016, his second studio record, “Therapy Session,” came out. It got to number 12 on the US Billboard 200. The Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year was given to one of these albums.

But it wasn’t until 2017 when his album “Perception” came out that NF became a big deal. The album went to the top of the US Billboard charts and was certified platinum. “Let You Down,” the third song from the album, was a worldwide hit and reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The next album by NF, “The Search,” came out in 2019 and took a similar path. It was a commercial success and solidified his place in the music industry. NF’s most recent record, “Hope,” came out in 2023. It also did very well commercially, reaching number 2 on the US Billboard 200.

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NF’s music is full of raw feelings, self-reflection, and themes that are familiar to a wide range of people around the world. NF continues to captivate fans and leave a lasting mark on the modern music scene with his powerful stories and unique style.

Who is NF Wife?

Nathan Feuerstein, who goes by the stage name NF, is married to Bridgette Doremus. Bridgette is a social media star and exercise expert who has a big following on Instagram. She was born in the United States on July 25, 1990. She became interested in exercise at a young age and did it as a hobby while she was a student at Washington State University.

Bridgette got more interested in fitness after she finished her undergraduate degree. She found a group of fitness models and fans on Instagram. Through her hard work and interesting posts, she became well-known on the site for her fitness knowledge and motivational posts.

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Bridgette’s romance with NF has been in the news, and on September 1, 2018, they got married. As a supportive partner, she posts updates about NF’s music business on social media, and her fitness journey continues to inspire her followers. Together, they seem to have a happy marriage. Both of them are doing what they love and making a name for themselves in their fields.

Does NF Have Kids?

Nathan Feuerstein does have a child. On August 13, 2021, he and his wife, Bridgette Feuerstein, had a boy. They named him Beckham John Feuerstein. Beckham was born by C-section after 34 hours of labor pain. Bridgette’s Instagram post says that Beckham weighed 9 lbs when he was born.

The couple loves their son a lot. They often post pictures of him on social media to show how happy and proud they are of him. Beckham turned one in August 2022, and on February 14, 2023, Bridgette posted pictures of them enjoying his 18-month birthday.

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Also, Bridgette recently posted on Instagram that they are expecting their second child. This means that the family is growing by one more person. NF and Bridgette already have a son named Beckham John Feuerstein, and they can’t wait for their second child to arrive.

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