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Unveiling Nikki Glaser’s Love Life: Who is She Dating in 2024?

As of 2024, comedian Nikki Glaser’s current boyfriend remains undisclosed. Glaser, known for her candid humor and sharp wit, has been relatively private about her romantic life in recent years. She has shared glimpses of her dating experiences throughout her career, often incorporating them into her comedy routines.

However, details about her current relationship status have been kept under wraps, leaving fans curious about her love life. Glaser’s past relationships include high-profile names like Chris Convy and comedian Pete Davidson, with whom she shared a brief romance.

Despite the speculation surrounding her personal life, Glaser continues to captivate audiences with her comedic talent and remains focused on her thriving career in entertainment.

Who is Nikki Glaser Dating Right Now?

Chris Convy and Nikki Glaser’s relationship has endured over a decade, tracing back to their collaboration on “Nikki & Sara Live” in New York. Convy, serving as the producer, and Glaser, co-hosting the show, found a connection that transcended their professional roles.

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Despite the intermittent nature of their relationship, the bond they formed on set remained strong, allowing them to collaborate on subsequent projects like “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.” Their work together fostered a deep friendship, characterized by mutual support and understanding.

Convy’s unwavering encouragement of Glaser’s career endeavors has been a cornerstone of their relationship, with Glaser often acknowledging his pivotal role in her professional life. Their journey together showcases the resilience of their connection, navigating the complexities of both personal and professional spheres with grace and admiration for each other’s talents.

Does Nikki Glaser Have Any Notable Relationships?

Before her involvement with Chris Convy, Nikki Glaser had a notable romantic relationship with comedian Pete Lee. Their connection, while important, ultimately didn’t stand the test of time, yet it remains a significant chapter in Glaser’s personal and professional journey. This encounter with Lee contributed to Glaser’s growth and shaped her experiences leading up to her subsequent relationships.

In a twist of fate, another comedian, Dan, had a brief fling with Hannah Berner in 2016. Unexpectedly, this encounter led to a surprising revelation when Berner, who dated Dan after Glaser, appeared on Glaser’s podcast.

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During their conversation, they discovered their shared history with Dan, sparking candid discussions about their respective experiences and emotions during these relationships.

This revelation not only provided insight into their past connections but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and understanding between Glaser and Berner, highlighting the complexities and shared experiences within the comedy community.


In conclusion, Nikki Glaser’s romantic encounters with comedians such as Pete Lee and Dan have left indelible marks on her personal and professional journey. While these relationships may have had their ups and downs, they have contributed to Glaser’s growth and enriched her experiences in both spheres of her life.

Through candid discussions and shared revelations, Glaser has navigated the complexities of love and relationships within the comedy community, forming connections and finding common ground with her peers like Hannah Berner. As she continues to evolve in her career and personal life, Glaser’s openness about her past relationships serves as a testament to her authenticity and resilience, shaping her into the comedian and woman she is today.

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