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Who Is Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend In 2023?

Who Is Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend in the Year 2023? Well, the Formula One race car driver is in the news right now because he didn’t like the movie “Drive to Survive.” Fans have been wondering if Mick has met someone special in the time this has been going on.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much time has passed. Anyone can have it happen to them at any time. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Mick Schumacher is.

Who is Mick Schumacher?

Mick Schumacher is still young, but he is doing great things in the world of motorsports. Mick is now 23 years old. He was born in 1999. It won’t be long. He will be 24 years old soon. Mick is from the Swiss area of Vaud.

By his age alone, you should have been able to tell that Mick is just starting out in this field. It hasn’t been that long. Mick Schumacher did well enough to get to the 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship, which is one of his accomplishments.

He won the 2020 FIA Formula 2 Championship after a few years.

It is pretty clear why Mick is so good at racing cars. Why guess? Well, his family has taught him how to do it. Putting everyone else aside, Mick’s father, Michael, has been the most important person.

He is said to have won the Formula One World Championship seven times. His “idol” and “role model” have always been him. Mick now drives for both the Mercedes AMG Formula One Team and the McLaren team.

Talking about his love interest, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend in 2023, more specifically, as in March, is Justine Huysman. Both are very much in love. But, who is she? What does she do? These questions must have been raised in your mind. Right?

Who Is Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend?

Well, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Justine Huysman is the daughter of Harald Huysman. In case you don’t know, Harald is the former racing driver and athlete manager too.

You will be more amazed to know that both of their parents- Michael Schumacher and Harald Huysman are very good friends, as their professions also used to be similar. So, we may say that their families are connected as well.


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Well, Justine Huysman was first spotted to be by Mick’s side during his test drives in Bahrain. That fueled the rumors of both being a romantic pair.

It’s not known since when Mick and Justine are dating. But, fans are convinced that it’s been a long time, as their families also seemed to have accepted their bond. It’s going great between the two.

Who is Justine Huysman?

Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend in 2023, more specifically in March, is Justine Huysman. This is what he says about her. They love each other a lot. Who is she, though? What’s she doing? You must have thought about these questions. Right?


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Harald Huysman is the father of Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Justine Huysman. If you didn’t know, Harald used to be a race car driver and now manages athletes.

You’ll be even more surprised to learn that their parents, Michael Schumacher, and Harald Huysman, are very good friends. Their jobs used to be the same, too, which is why they got along so well. So, we could also say that their families are linked.

Well, Mick’s test drives in Bahrain were the first time Justine Huysman was seen with him. That made people think that they were both in a relationship.

No one knows how long Mick and Justine have been together. But fans think it’s been a long time because their families seem to be okay with them being together. Things are going well between them.

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I should also say that Mick Schumacher and Justine Huysman have not made their relationship official. But his fans are so smart that they can see what’s going on between the two of them.

It seems like Mick doesn’t want people to know about the details of his relationships. The race car driver is definitely a private person. Still, that’s fine!

We don’t know much about Justine Huysman, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend. Even though she was born to a famous racer, she seems to be a bit of a private person.

We wish Mick Schumacher the best for the rest of his life. We are all looking forward to his next race. Make sure you follow Mick on Instagram so you can find out more.

We would love it even more if Mick Schumacher made a public statement about how he feels about Justine Huysman. We love and stand by him!

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