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Who Is Stephanie Hsu’s Partner?

Curious about Stephanie Hsu’s boyfriend? The actress has recently been in the news because her role in “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” won her the 38th Independent Spirit Award.

Congratulations! Putting that aside, Stephanie’s fans have been very interested in her love life as of late. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Stephanie Hsu is.

Stephanie Ann Hsu is a versatile actress who has been doing great things in the business since 2010. Stephanie is 32 years old and was born in Torrance in 1990.

Some of her most famous roles are in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Four-Faced Liar, Girl Code, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Path, Poker Face, and others.

If you like her, you’ll be glad to hear that she’s working on a few things. She is busy making the movie The Fall Guy right now. Get ready for Joy Ride and American-Born Chinese to come out in the fall.

When it comes to her personal life, Stephanie Hsu seems to be very in love. Who is it? Well, that’s her longtime boyfriend right there. Qui est-il?

At the same time, Stephanie has also been said to be a lesbian. Her sexual orientation is what we call it. But that isn’t the case. Here’s what we know about Stephanie Hsu’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

Meet Stephanie Hsu’s Partner:

Britton Smith is Stephanie Hsu’s boyfriend if you want to talk about that. But who is this person? Britton Smith is the lead singer of Britton and The Sting, in case you were wondering.

Besides that, he also teaches law at Columbia Law School. You might not have known this, but the actor who played Jake Dillinger in Be More Chill was also Stephanie’s partner. Bothered Blue, Takes It Baby, Prelude, Upgrade, and other songs are by him. You have to hear all of these songs!


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Well, Stephanie Hsu is very secretive about her relationships. When asked about specifics in interviews, she doesn’t like to give them. But Stephanie often posts pictures of her and her boyfriend Britton Smith on social media. In any case, that shows how she still has feelings for the musician.

We don’t know how Stephanie Hsu and Britton Smith got together. Also, we have no idea when. But that has probably been true for a few years now. From the pictures, it looks like Stephanie is very happy with her long-term boyfriend.

No one knows if the actress has been in a relationship with anyone else before. So, it’s clear that things have been going on, even when they haven’t been shown on-screen

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Stephanie Hsu is indeed a very independent woman. She is also very helpful to her boyfriend, Britton. Before any releases, they cheer each other up. Seeing Stephanie Hsu and Britton Smith happy together makes me feel so good. No one knows if they are going to get married soon or not. None of the stars have said anything about that.


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Both of them work in different fields. Still, Stephanie and Britton love to hang out with each other whenever they have free time. So cute!

Fans who pay close attention have also seen them comment on each other’s photos on social media. In short, we could say that Stephanie and Britton not only look cute but also can’t be split up.

When Stephanie Hsu is asked about Britton, she always says nice things about him. There’s so much love! We wish Stephanie Hsu the best for the rest of her life.

Make sure you follow Stephanie on Instagram to find out what’s going on. We hope that Stephanie and Britton will tell everyone soon that they are getting married. How much do you want to see that?

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