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Who Is Michael Jackson’s Baby Mother?

Who gave birth to Michael Jackson’s Baby? Michael Jackson is a famous singer, songwriter, and philanthropist who doesn’t need to be introduced. The famous musician has been nothing but a legend in the music business. Michael Jackson’s work has kept his name alive, but his personal life has gotten a lot of attention from the press over the years.

Michael Jackson was married twice, and after each one, there was a lot of talk in the media. In an early interview, his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said that she left him because she saw drugs and doctors coming into the house, which scared her. Let’s look at all the less well-known facts to figure out who Michael Jackson’s baby mama is.

Who Is Michael Jackson’s Baby Mother?

Debbi Rowe is the mother of Michael Jackson’s child. Michael Jackson’s two kids, Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson Jr. and Paris Katherine Jackson, were born to her. But Debbie Rowe tried to get rid of her right to be a parent.

Two years later, the artist was charged with abuse, and the nurse took matters into her own hands because she wanted to get her to talk. She got her rights back because she was afraid that Jackson’s family would try to teach their kids about Islam.

In an interview in 2021, Paris Jackson talked honestly about meeting her mother again and getting to know her. Paris said it was cool to meet Debbie and find out how similar they are and what kind of music she likes.

In an early episode of Red Table Talk with Willow Smith, Paris said that Debbie likes country and folk music, so she sent her some of what she was working on.

Who Is Debbie Rowe?

Debbie Rowe has never been in the spotlight, but it was said that she used to work at a dermatologist’s office in Los Angeles, where she met a pop star who was being treated for vitiligo at the time.

Lisa Marie Presley, who was once married to the Dangerous hitmaker, later said that Debbie Rowe had a crush on the music legend and that she knew how Rowe was offering to do it for him while they were still married. Presley also said that she liked him and offered to have his children.

Lisa Marie later made a shocking claim that she broke up with the legendary star because she didn’t want to have kids right away. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, wanted kids and wanted them as soon as possible, which could have caused a problem between the two.

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Lisa Marie also said that Jackson had threatened her by saying that Debbie would have his kids if she didn’t want them.

Was Michael Jackson Married To Debbie Rowe?

Michael Jackson is said to have married Rowe in 1996, almost ten years after they first met. They got married in Sydney, Australia, in a very secret ceremony that happened a year before she gave birth to Prince. Debbie said that she saw the surrogacy as a “gift” to Jackson when she talked about her relationship with the legendary pop star.

Even though they have kept it all quiet from the media, Debbie told an interviewer early on that the artist was divorced, lonely, and wanted kids. Debbie told him that she had offered to take care of his babies because she wanted to make him happy.

Debbie also said that Jackson was a great father because he was the one who took care of the kids while they were married. She said that she did it so that Jackson could become a father, not so that she could become a mother. Debbie said that being a parent is something you have to earn, and she hasn’t done anything to earn the title because Michael did all the parenting.

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