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Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Is He Single or Taken?

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Since Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle, Harry Jowsey has come a long way. Who would have thought that Harry would be on Dancing With the Stars less than four years after the show started in April 2020?

The reality star has made the most of his newfound fame, which seems to include spending the night with an A-list star. With whom does Harry Jowsey go out? He seems to be going to Australia.

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

Harry stopped by The Kylie & Jackie O show in September 2023 to talk about dating, sort of. After saying that Miley Cyrus ignored a DM he sent her, Harry said that his DMs weren’t completely empty.

Harry said that he and an A-List star got into a fight in 2021 and that the night was almost too hot to handle. He couldn’t say who it was because he was afraid of getting in trouble.

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

He did say, though, that this woman is “in movies.” Even though she might not be a trained singer, she did “sing for me,” he said cheekily. All of this happened because the actress broke up with a longtime partner, whom Harry called a boyfriend or fiancé.

The actress slid into Harry’s direct messages (DMs) and asked him to her hotel. She thought that since he was a TikToker, he probably wouldn’t be watched.

When Harry got to the Beverly Hills Hotel (another hint), she told him, “I only need one thing, and this isn’t going anywhere.” Harry gathered his pride and said that he was more than that. He then took the girl to lunch.

This turned into a whole day of fun, which helped Harry calm down a bit. We do know that she is older than he is and that she is very smart.

Harry Jowsey’s Ready to Settle Down

Harry really uses podcasts to get his ideas and dirty stuff out in the open. In July 2023, he went on the Call Her Daddy show and told host Alex Cooper that he is now dating to marry.

Harry told Alex who didn’t believe him, “I’ll block anyone who looks at me. If I don’t see that we’re going to get married, I’ll block you.”

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

Today there are four ways to know if a guy is ready to get married. First of all, he doesn’t go out as much and doesn’t want to hang out at the Beverly Hills Hotel as much. The next big clue is that the man has a steady income.

Psychotherapist Tina Tessina of California told the source, “If he’s still struggling to pay his bills, he’s not going to want to add the burden of supporting a wife.” Okay, but how old are we? Why does he always back up his wife?

The third sign is that he wants kids out of the blue. Don’t count on this one, because it’s not likely to be true for everyone. Some people don’t want kids, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to make a commitment.

Last, deeds are more important than words. Again, this one seems strange. Your boyfriend will probably start acting like your husband by doing things like making plans and showing you to his friends and family.

I want any woman who reads this to know that she should expect respect from a guy long before they get married.



Harry Jowsey, a reality star who has gained fame since Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle, is currently dating an A-list star in Australia. He recently discussed dating with Miley Cyrus on The Kylie & Jackie O show and revealed that he is now dating an older, smarter woman.

He also revealed that he is ready to settle down and used podcasts to share his thoughts. To determine if a man is ready to get married, consider factors such as regular social outings, steady income, desire for children, and respect for deeds.

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