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Who is Coco Lodge Dating? An In-Depth Look at Her Relationship Status

Coco Lodge from Love Island Is Dating? Find out about Coco Lodge’s love journey as she starts a relationship with DJ Joel Corry, as shown by their sweet moments together in Ibiza.
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Who is Coco Lodge Dating?

Love Island star Coco Lodge, who became famous last summer for being on Love Island’s Casa Amor, has recently sparked a lot of rumors about her love life. The focus is on her growing friendship with DJ Joel Corry, who is at the top of the charts.

Their relationship, which seems to be more than just rumors, was gently confirmed by their sweet social media posts from their time in Ibiza, which showed them being affectionate with each other.

This charming love story began in January, and since then, their relationship has grown stronger. The most interesting thing about their relationship is that they both love music, working out, and traveling. Their shared interests have given them a strong base on which to build a real and strong relationship.

After her time on Love Island, Coco Lodge is starting to date again. She has found a friend in Joel Corry, and their relationship seems to bring happiness and satisfaction to both of their lives. Their clear harmony as a couple is an exciting part of each of their stories, and fans can’t wait to see how their love story develops in the days to come.

Coco Lodge About

Coco Lodge, a 27-year-old graphic artist from Surrey, rose to fame as a contestant on Season 8 of Love Island, which was brought back after a long break. In addition to her work as a graphic designer, she is known for being a ring girl and a shot girl. On Day 27, during the Casa Amor stage, Coco moved into the Love Island house.

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During her time on the show, she had a short-lived relationship with Deji and a long-term relationship with Andrew Le Page. Coco’s time on Love Island was full of ups and downs, but on Day 39, she was kicked off the island after a public vote.

Joel Corry About

Joel Corry is a well-known DJ, producer, and TV host from England. In 2019, he became known because of his hit song “Sorry,” which had lyrics by Hayley May. The song got as high as number six on the UK Singles Chart. His success continued to grow with his next songs, like “Lonely” and “Head & Heart” with MNEK.

Who is Coco Lodge Dating

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“Head & Heart” was the most popular song in the UK for six weeks and got Joel Corry into the US Billboard Hot 100. His style of music is inspired by the UK garage, which was a big part of how he got better at being a DJ and producer.

Coco Lodge and Joel Corry Relationship

The friendship between Coco Lodge and DJ Joel Corry grew after they ran into each other in early January. When fate brought Coco Lodge and DJ Joel Corry together at the beginning of January, their sweet love story started to unfold.

They fell in love with each other because they both loved music, worked out regularly, and couldn’t get enough of traveling. As they learned more about these things they had in common, their connection grew, setting the groundwork for something really special.

The fact that their relationship grew on its own is what makes it even more interesting. Coco and Joel grew closer to each other as the days went by. Their shared values and hobbies were the threads that tied their lives together. Because of all of these feelings and events, they decided to go on a love trip to the beautiful places in Ibiza.

The friendship between Coco and Joel took a big step forward in this beautiful place. Through sweet photos posted to their social media accounts, they told the world about how they met and fell in love, proving that they were a couple. In these pictures, their smiles, hugs, and shared moments show how real and strong their relationship is.

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Their shared journey, which was built on similar interests and marked by special memories, has strengthened their relationship. Coco Lodge and Joel Corry’s friendship shows how powerful it can be when two people have the same interests and how beautiful it can be when two hearts connect. As they continue on the road they’ve made together, their story will continue to inspire people who believe in the power of true love.

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