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Who is Chrisean Rock Dating? For How Long Chrisean Dated Blueface?

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship status is presently generating headlines. The couple had an argument on social media last month, after which it appeared they were breaking up, but they were recently observed discussing infant names in an interview. Chrisean is expectant with Blueface’s child, and it appears that they will remain together for the time being.

However, their heated exchange on social media led many to query whether they had broken up. The couple, who have been dating since 2020, appears to have a volatile relationship after Chrisean accused Blueface of infidelity on Instagram Live. After he shared a video with another woman in October 2022, she broke off their relationship via Twitter.

Have Blueface and Chrisean Rock Split?

Last month, the couple appeared to be breaking up on social media, but in an interview with TMZ Hip Hop on April 3, 2023, they were spotted together discussing infant names. Chrisean Rock is currently expectant with Blueface’s child, and it appears that they will remain together at least for the time being.

However, recent heated social media exchanges have led many to query whether or not they have split up. The couple appears to have a volatile relationship, with Chrisean alleging that Blueface strayed in 2022 during an Instagram Live broadcast.

Chrisean tweeted and ostensibly terminated their relationship in October 2022, after Blueface posted a video of himself and another woman cuddling.

How Long Have They Been Together?

Since 2020, the couple has been dating. Chrisean was introduced as a competitor on Blue Girl’s Club, his OnlyFans reality program. A group of women was invited to Blueface’s residence for a month to compete for his affection on the program.

Chrisean’s affection for Blueface was so intense that she engaged in a fistfight with his baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, resulting in the missing molar referenced in his tweets.

What Has Blueface Said Regarding Their Breakup?

Blueface sparked the dispute with a series of tweets. He wrote, “Have you ever noticed that when you treat a b**** with contempt, they behave properly, but when you’re too nice to them, they exploit you?”

Who is Chrisean Rock Dating

He then began to freestyle, saying that women who sleep with “a thousand n*****” are “hoes” and that if he sleeps with “a thousand b******,” he is a “player.” “I can’t be a man to no women who think they can do what men can do and it’s equal,” the rapper said.

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He threatened to leave Chrisean after posting these bits of wisdom and criticized her beauty. “She pregnant missing a tooth with 7 tattoos is going to make a fool of herself,” he added. Blueface will face TikTok sensation Ed Matthews in the Kingpyn Wildcard boxing bout on April 22, 2023.

What Did Chrisean Rock Have to Say About Their Split?

“I take you seriously,” Chrisean said in response to Blueface’s comments. You simply despise me [right now]. “I don’t need the next n**** I’ve gotten myself.” She went on to say that she had no regrets about “anything” about herself and that Blueface’s diatribe was a “low blow coming from a man who knows he loves me.”

Chrisean said, “I get it, I’m not mad at him or anything, I’m grateful you loved me this far.” “I’ll never grow tired of loving you.” You’re so enraged that you’re fighting with yourself. “Please don’t feel sorry for me…Plus, I’m an adult, and I did this on myself.”

Chrisean Rock’s Relationship History

Blueface was previously involved with Coi Leray in 2021 and Jaidyn Alexis in 2014. Coi Leray is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States who rose to prominence in 2020 with her smash track “No More Parties.” It is unknown when Blueface and Coi Leray began dating, how long they dated, or what precipitated their split.

However, when they were seen hanging out together at multiple social gatherings, allegations about their romance began to circulate in the media.

Jaidyn Alexis is a model who starred in Blueface’s reality program OnlyFans in 2021. According to reports, the two were in a relationship in 2014, however, there is little information about their relationship or why they split up. He subsequently began dating Blueface, with whom he is now in a relationship.

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