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Which Grammy-winning Disco Diva From “the Masked Singer” Was Revealed?

“I Will Survive,” a disco song performed by Gloria Gaynor, was a smash that lasted for a long time. Following yet another round of double unmaskings on Wednesday (October 19), the winner of two Grammy Awards was eliminated from The Masked Singer competition for good, meaning she can no longer compete.

After being postponed the previous week due to a rain delay that caused the baseball playoffs to go over, Fox’s quirky smash show made its triumphant return to our televisions this week.

This time around, the participants enjoyed “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night,” and there was lots of excitement and drama as a result. The unmasking of Maize and Mermaid was witnessed by the British musical theater’s reigning king, who was present to observe all of the event.

Maize was eliminated from the competition after her performance of “Heaven on Their Minds” since she received the fewest number of votes overall. Mario Cantone, an actor as well as a comedian and a singer, was revealed when he lifted his helmet.

After Mermaid’s performance of “Any Dream Will Do,” “Robo Girl” challenged her to a duel with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from Evita.

The singing diva Gaynor was hiding behind the mask. In 1979, her hallmark song “I Will Survive” spent three weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

After the momentous announcement, Lloyd Webber remarked to the native of New Jersey who was 79 years old at the time, “You are one of the best vocalists of our generation.”

And what was Gaynor’s motivation for joining the team? She went on to say that she had been watching it since it appeared to be such a lot of fun. I responded by saying, “yes, I have to do this.”

Nicole Scherzinger, of the band Pussycat Dolls, made her comeback to Cats earlier with a performance of the song “Memory.” When Scherzinger joined the cast of the 2014 West End revival of Cats, she was cast as Grizabella. For her performance in the production, she was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award in the category of best actress in a supporting role.

In addition to Gaynor and Cantone, other celebrities who have been eliminated from the current season of The Masked Singer include Daymond John (as the Fortune Teller), the “Brady boys” Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, and Christopher Knight (as the Mummies), Montell Jordan (as the Panther), Jeff Dunham (as the Pi-Rat), Chris Kirkpatrick (as the Hummingbird), Eric Idle (as the Hedgehog), and William Shatner (a

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