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Speculating on What Star Trek: Discovery Season 6 Would Have Included!


Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 6 would have continued exploring the dynamic future of the United Federation of Planets and the complex relationships between its diverse crew members. With a focus on exploring the ever-evolving galaxy, Season 6 could have delved deeper into the consequences of past decisions and their impact on the future.

The storyline might have explored new species, advanced technologies, and uncharted territories, offering a nuanced look at the morality and ethical dilemmas that arise in space exploration. Additionally, the season could have introduced new characters and fresh perspectives, enriching the overall narrative. For a comprehensive look at what could have been, our article offers an in-depth analysis.

What Star Trek: Discovery Season 6 Would Have Been About?

In the short story “Calypso,” Aldis Hodge portrays Craft, a man who finds himself aboard the abandoned Discovery centuries in the future. As he explores the ship, he befriends its AI assistant, Zora, voiced by Annabelle Wallis.

Craft seeks to return to his family, but Zora is unable to disobey her orders to remain in place. Ultimately, Craft takes a warp-capable shuttlecraft, though both he and Zora are uncertain if it will function after centuries of inactivity.

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The story’s coda reveals a connection to the main Discovery narrative. In the finale of “Life, Itself,” an aged Michael Burnham is tasked by Starfleet to take the now-stripped-down Discovery to a specific region of space, where it will be discovered by Craft centuries later, as seen in “Calypso.”

Despite Discovery’s departure, Star Trek fans have a wealth of new content to look forward to, including the upcoming Section 31 film, the third season of Strange New Worlds, and new seasons of the animated series Lower Decks and Prodigy.

The “Calypso” Storyline in Star Trek:

In the gap between seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount+ (then CBS All Access) released a series of short stories known as Short Treks. One of these, “Calypso,” was set in the distant future, far beyond Discovery’s 32nd-century timeline, and featured the abandoned USS Discovery.

The Discovery showrunners “always knew that we wanted to somehow tie that back up” and not leave “Calypso” as an unresolved narrative thread. The plan was to eventually connect the short story back to the main Discovery series.

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With Discovery’s fifth season serving as the show’s finale, the production team was granted the time and budget to film additional material to wrap up the series. This allowed them to resolve the “Calypso” storyline, tying the short story’s events to the conclusion of the Discovery saga.

The decision to address this narrative dangling chad demonstrates the show’s commitment to providing a satisfying and comprehensive ending for devoted Star Trek fans.


In conclusion, the decision to connect the short story “Calypso” with the main narrative of Star Trek: Discovery’s finale reflects the series’ dedication to delivering a comprehensive and satisfying conclusion for its audience.

By tying up the loose ends from the distant future storyline, the showrunners successfully addressed an unresolved narrative thread, enhancing the overall cohesion of the series.

This approach not only provides clarity for longtime fans but also underscores the importance of continuity and storytelling integrity within the Star Trek universe. By resolving “Calypso” within the broader scope of Discovery’s finale, the series demonstrates a thoughtful commitment to its legacy and its place in the Star Trek franchise.

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