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Inside Man Ending Decoded: Key Plot Points Explained!


The ending of “Inside Man” left audiences intrigued and eager for answers. The film concludes with Detective Frazier uncovering the mastermind behind the heist, Dalton Russell, who ingeniously orchestrated a flawless robbery and managed to escape undetected.

The final twist reveals that Russell had been hiding in a false wall within the bank, emerging only after the police had left. This clever ruse allowed him to steal valuable diamonds without a trace. The story’s resolution highlights themes of deception, intelligence, and moral ambiguity.

To fully understand the intricacies of this complex ending and explore the motivations behind Russell’s actions, read our in-depth article. We delve into the film’s subtle clues and hidden details, providing a comprehensive explanation of the plot’s final moments.

Inside Man Ending Explained

In the gripping third episode, Harry’s plan to kill Janice via carbon monoxide poisoning takes a horrifying turn. Unbeknownst to him, his son Ben is still trapped in the cellar with Janice, who tries to manipulate the drugged Ben into calling the police on his parents. However, Ben ends up attacking Janice with a hammer in his hallucinated state.

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Elsewhere, Mary is confronted by Beth, Janice’s flatmate, who is desperately searching for her. Under pressure, Mary accidentally cuts Beth with a bread knife. During their argument, Ben reveals to Mary that he’s in the cellar with Janice, and Beth realizes where Janice has been hidden.

As Mary frantically calls Harry, she is struck and killed by a lorry. Harry rushes to the cellar, but is stopped by a group of masked police officers who the incarcerated Grieff has tipped off. In a twist, Grieff reveals he orchestrated the police’s arrival, trading Janice’s location for a pardon, rather than the location of his wife’s head as promised.

The episode ends with Grieff and Harry’s chilling phone conversation, hinting at the depths of the web of deceit and violence.

Steven Moffat Hints at Season 2

Showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that the series had performed quite well, based on the “enthusiastically-nodded-about graphs” he had been examining.

Moffat’s comments suggest that despite the series’ initially low television ratings, the overall viewership numbers, including streams on BBC iPlayer and Netflix, were well over the five million mark. This positive response has led Moffat to discuss the possibility of a second season.

The ending of the first season, with its intriguing post-credits scene, had already hinted at more story to tell, particularly surrounding the character of Jefferson Grieff and the mystery of his missing wife. Moffat’s comments indicate that there is an appetite for a continuation of the series, and he is optimistic about the prospect of a second season.

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Moffat emphasized that in the modern television landscape, live viewing numbers are no longer the sole metric of success, and that the audience breakdown after a month is what truly matters. This bodes well for the future of “Inside Man” and its potential return.


In conclusion, the ending of Steven Moffat’s “Inside Man” has not only captivated audiences but also set the stage for a potential second season. Despite initial low live television numbers, the show has garnered significant viewership on BBC Player and Netflix, exceeding five million viewers.

Moffat’s comments on the positive reception and the intriguing future of the series, particularly with the unresolved mysteries surrounding Jefferson Grieff and Janice Fife.

With the clear setup in the post-credits scene and Moffat’s enthusiasm, it’s evident that there’s more to explore in this gripping narrative.

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