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What Is Pedro Pascal’s Dating History?

The talk right now is about the famous actor Pedro Pascal. The actor recently got a lot of praise for his performance as Joel Miller on HBO’s The Last of Us. The actor has also been in shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law and Order, Without a Trace, and The Mentalist.

Pedro Pascal

The American actor who was born in Chile became well-known after he played Oberyn Martell in the hit fantasy show Game of Thrones. Later, he got the lead role in The Mandalorian, a show on Disney Plus.

Fans want to know more about Pedro Pascal because he has become a big deal on the Internet because of his fun and laid-back interviews and the latest video clip that shows his crazy Starbucks order. Who is he going out with? The actor is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights because he has helped his sister Lux Pascal so much.

Lux said that he was there for her when she told everyone she was transgender. He also said that Pedro has been a big part of this, but he is also an artist and has helped Lux a lot. Lux said that the things that made her who she was came from the actors. Let’s look at who Pedro Pascal has been with in the past.


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What Is Pedro Pascal’s Dating History? 

Lena Headey

Pedro Pascal dated Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey at one time. When Lena posted a cute picture of the two of them cuddling up on Instagram with the caption “Sunshine Love,” it made people think that the Game of Thrones co-stars were dating.

Later, paparazzi saw Lena and Pedro shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, which added to the rumours. But the rumours quickly died down when neither of the two confirmed that they were dating.

Robin Tunney

 In 2015, it was said that the actor from “The Last of Us” was seeing Robin Tunney. After the two were seen walking together in Hollywood in July 2015, these rumours started to spread. They also worked together on an episode of The Mentalist. Not to mention, the alleged couple at the time also went to HBO’s 2015 Emmy Awards Afterparty together.

Even though Pedro and Robin were seen together in July 2019 when paparazzi caught them having dinner at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, rumours that they were dating died down because neither Robin nor Pedro confirmed it.

Pascal said earlier that he had a great time with Robin Tunney and that she was a new friend. He also said that the set was very friendly.

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Maria Dizzia: In 1990, when they were both on the TV show Law & Order, Maria and Pedro went out on many dates.

Even though they were in the same episode, in which Pedro played Tito Cabassa and Maria played Sugar, there was never any proof of a romance between the two, and rumours of one soon died down.

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson and Pedro Pascal have also been said to be dating, but the two are just close friends at this point. Pascal once talked about meeting Paulson in September 1993, which was his first month living in New York City, in an interview. Since then, the two have had a strong, friendly relationship that has lasted for 30 years. Paulson was also on Pascal’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

What Is Pedro Pascal’s Dating History?

Salma Hayek

Pedro Pascal and Salma Hayek surprised everyone when they posed for the cameras at this year’s Oscars, even though they are not dating.

Hayek’s daughter and Pedro’s sister also joined the two as they looked beautiful in their clothes. Pedro Pascal was there with his sister Javiera Balmaceda, who worked on the Oscar-nominated film Argentina, in 1985.

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