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Is Ricki Lee Pregnant?

Want to know if Ricki Lee is going to have a baby? Yes, we’re talking about the host of Australian Idol, who is making headlines right now because he joined Tim and Joel on Nova’s national Drive show.

Fans have been talking about whether or not Ricki Lee is now expecting a child, putting that aside for now. How do you feel? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Ricki Lee is in the business.

Ricki Lee

Ricki Lee is a professional singer who became well-known after coming in seventh place on the second season of Australian Idol. Can’t Sing a Different Song, Raining Diamonds, Not Too Late, Last Night, All We Need Is Love, Burn It Down, Don’t Miss You, In the Mood, etc. are some of her most popular songs. You might not have known that Ricki Lee was also in the Australian pop group Young Divas.

Ricki Lee is also a TV host, which is something you shouldn’t forget to mention. Australia’s Got Talent, Life-Changing Adventures, and other shows are some of the things she has done in this field.

In terms of his personal life, Ricki Lee has been married twice so far. Jamie Babbington was her first husband, but they were only married for a year. More specifically, that was from 2007 to 2008.

Ricki hasn’t gotten married again in a while. Fans were probably wondering if she was pregnant. Here’s what we know about whether or not Ricki Lee is pregnant.

Is Ricki Lee Pregnant?

Fans seem to be very sure that Ricki Lee is pregnant at the moment, even though it’s been a few days. But the question is whether or not the rumors are true. Well, it’s just a trick. In other words, it seems likely that singer Ricki Lee is not pregnant at the moment.


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You will be shocked to learn that Ricki Lee doesn’t want kids. Being a mother is a blessing, but it’s also a big job. It took her a long time to finally tell people straight out that she didn’t want any children.

Ricki Lee used to worry about what people would think of her or how they would try to control her. Another thing the singer was afraid of was this. But now Ricki Lee talks a lot about it and says that it’s “completely personal.” You don’t agree, right?


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In September 2022, Ricki Lee and her husband were seen walking around the streets. At the time, her skin seemed to be glowing, she looked a little bit healthy, and she touched her stomach as she walked. That made people think Ricki Lee was pregnant. Well, that didn’t happen in the real world.

Even in 2020, when news came out that she was adding a new family member, Ricki Lee made people think she was pregnant. There was a little boy. When she talks about him, he’s not her child; he’s her nephew.

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You must be curious about Ricki Lee’s second marriage now that you know everything. Well, she is married to Richard Harrison now.

She met him through a friend they both had. They got married in 2015. You’ll be even more surprised to learn that Ricki’s boyfriend, Richard, has been her manager since 2009. But it took a year for the couple to make their relationship official.


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Richard Harrison, Ricki Lee’s husband, has always been very good to the children. It shows how much they care about each other and get each other.

The situation is great! You can’t tell when someone’s mind will change. But based on how Ricki Lee looks, we can’t expect her family to grow any time soon.

We wish Ricki Lee the best for the rest of her life. You can follow the singer Ricki on Instagram to see more of what she’s up to.

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