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What is Natasha Aughey Age? What is Her Weekly Schedule?

What is Natasha Aughey Age? Canada’s Natasha Aughey is a fitness icon and social media phenomenon. She pursued her gym interest throughout her teenage years and is now a fitness expert on social media who has appeared in fitness magazines and competitions. By posting pictures and videos on social media, she has motivated many to pursue their goals.

Who is Natasha Aughey?

Natasha Aughey (born March 18, 1993) is a fitness icon and model from Canada. In addition to being a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, social media influencer, and YouTuber, she is also an entrepreneur. Here are her wiki, physical characteristics, and biography

What is Natasha Aughey Age?

Natasha  is 29 Years old in 2022. She is 5ft 6ins (168cm) tall, weighs 136 lb (62 kg), and has the following vital statistics: 36-25-38. Her shoe size is 7, her bra size is 36B, and her dress size is unknown; she has an hourglass figure.

Natasha Aughey Age

Early Life

Natasha, who was born in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), had a passion for fitness even as a child; she participated in numerous sports, including soccer, and maintained a healthy lifestyle.

In her senior year of high school, she entered the gymnasium. Natasha began performing cardio, but she was not lifting weights yet.

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She began with cardio exercises, which helped with overall toning, but Aughey was not satisfied. Natasha gradually began weight training and developed a regimen after heeding the advice of her gym acquaintances.

Natasha’s body changed so drastically over the course of a few years that her friends insisted she create an Instagram account to showcase her progress. In August 2012, despite initial reluctance, Natasha heeded her friends’ advice.

Within a few months, she was recognised by a number of fitness magazine employees and the global bodybuilding community. A year later, she placed sixth at the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships, Tall Figure, and subsequently shifted her focus to Instagram and magazine modelling.

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Fitness Training

After several years of gym training, Natasha fell in love with fitness. She was losing weight and developing a leaner physique, but had not yet developed curves.

She then sought advice from more experienced athletes in the gym; she was advised to begin lifting weights in order to achieve her ideal physique.

Weekly Schedule

Many of Natasha’s fans are curious as to how she maintains the frequently displayed appearance; therefore, a glimpse into her weekly routine may provide the answer.

On Monday, she focuses primarily on her back, followed by her glutes and hamstrings, chest and biceps, shoulders and triceps, quadriceps and leg plyometrics, rear deltoid shoulder focus, and her day of rest.

Her three favourite foods are chicken, rice, and green vegetables, all of which are quite light on the stomach. Natasha, to the surprise of many, does not adhere to a strict diet, but she does pay close attention to what she consumes.

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Social Media

As an active fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and model, Natasha is expected to interact frequently with her fans on social media. Thereby increasing the number of customers for the products she sells. This business model is actively followed by Aughey.

Natasha Aughey Age

Which maintains a massive presence on the three most popular social media networks. She has close to 40,000 Facebook fans, nearly 7,000 Twitter followers, and just over a million Instagram followers. Furthermore, her YouTube channel has over 110,000 subscribers.


Aughey launched her YouTube channel on September 21, 2015, in order to reach a larger audience and assist her followers’ personal workouts, with a heavy emphasis on showcasing her preferred forms of exercise – the ones she claims to be the most effective.

Her most popular video to date is titled “Natasha Aughey – Leg Day” and was uploaded on June 16, 2017. It currently has more than 3.6 million views, which accounts for more than half of her channel’s total video views – nearly 6.5 million.

Personal Life

Regarding Natasha’s romantic relationships, the overall secrecy surrounding this aspect of her life has left the sources in the dark.

It is unknown whether she has dated or is dating anyone, and her orientation has not been confirmed. There have never been any rumours regarding her dating history. It is currently believed that Natasha is heterosexual and single.


 Her wealth is estimated to be just over $500,000, the majority of which she has earned by lending her image to several brands and fitness magazines throughout her career. As Natasha does not intend to retire just yet, the stated amount will likely increase.

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