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What Happened to Angel Lynn?

What went wrong with Angel Lynn? Angel Lynn, from Leicestershire, was abused by her ex-boyfriend, and she was also taken away. Find out the truth here.

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Who is Angel Lynn?

Angel Lynn, a 19-year-old woman, had a terrible experience because of what her ex-boyfriend did. Angel was found sleeping on the A6 near Loughborough on September 27, 2020. She had been taken earlier that day by her controlling ex-boyfriend, Chay Bowskill.

CCTV footage showed that Bowskill chased Angel after a fight and then took her away by force. Angel allegedly got very hurt when she fell out of the van while it was going 60 mph.

Bowskill and his friend Rocco Sansome were accused of kidnapping at first, but they said they didn’t do it. On January 26, 2022, a jury found them both guilty.

What Happened to Angel Lynn?

Angel Lynn, who was 22 years old at the time, was taken by her ex-boyfriend Chay Bowskill after they had a fight in September 2020. She fell out of the moving car while it was going 60 miles per hour on the A6 in Leicestershire. Her head injuries are so bad that she needs care around the clock.

Bowskill was put in jail for 12 years for kidnapping and other crimes. Angel’s injuries were shown in a recent program on Channel 4 that used 3D CT scans. Angel’s parents want to use their daughter’s story to bring attention to abusive relationships.

What Happened to Angel Lynn?

Angel’s mom, Nikki Lynn, thinks she was pushed out of the van instead of falling or jumping, even though Angel’s ex-boyfriend was found not guilty of causing her serious physical harm.

Because of what happened, Angel became disabled and could no longer eat, walk, or talk on her own. Angel was a college student from Loughborough who wanted to work for the police as a forensic scientist. Before he was kidnapped, he was on his way to becoming one.

During the time they were together, Chay Bowskill had already been to jail and had hurt Angel. Angel chose to leave him after he beat her up and threw her against a wall.

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During this time, Bowskill took her from her home in Rothley, Leicestershire, with the help of his friend Rocco Sansome. This was caught on CCTV.

What are Angel Lynn’s Injuries?

Angel lost her freedom because of what Bowskill and Sansome did. She also got serious injuries, like a broken skull and brain damage, which mean she needs constant care.

Angel’s parents say that she is doing well with the care she is getting, even though she can’t walk or talk. Angel can now write and take small sips of drinks, according to Mrs. Lynn’s talk on BBC Breakfast. Her physiotherapists are also helping her stand up.

Even though she may get cranky during therapy, it is helping her become more flexible in the long run.

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