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What Happened to Jim Acosta?

What went wrong with Jim Acosta? Here, we’ll talk about what happened to the American journalist and whether or not Jim Acosta is still working at CNN.

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Who is Jim Acosta?

Jim Acosta is an American writer and anchor. His full name is Abilio James Acosta. He is best known for being the head of CNN’s local news coverage.

During the Trump era, Acosta became well-known across the country because he was CNN’s main White House reporter and often got into fights with President Trump at press briefings.

Before that, he was CNN’s senior White House reporter and wrote about the Obama administration. On January 11, 2021, the day after Trump left office, Acosta was hired by CNN as an anchor and the top domestic correspondent.

What Happened to Jim Acosta?

On January 9, 2018, Jim Acosta got a promotion at CNN and became the main reporter for the White House. CNN said in January 2021 that Acosta would move to the position of top domestic correspondent and also work as a weekend anchor. All of these changes were made to get ready for the Biden government.

What Happened to Jim Acosta?

The recent promotion of Acosta at CNN means that his part in the network’s coverage of U.S. politics will grow in a big way.

As the Anchor and Chief Domestic Correspondent, he has more responsibility for leading CNN’s coverage of big breaking news stories, giving analysis, and commenting on the day’s events.

Acosta’s election is especially important because it happened at the same time that the Trump administration ended and Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States.

With a new government coming into power, it’s more important than ever for the media to hold those in power accountable.

Acosta seemed ready and excited to take on the difficulties that were coming. In a statement announcing his new job, he said that he was grateful and honored to be able to help CNN continue to provide high-quality journalism during this time of change in our country’s past.

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Is Jim Acosta Still on CNN?

A person close to CNN’s CEO and chairman, Chris Licht, says that Jim Acosta is still working for CNN and that there are no plans for him to leave.

A tweet from News Cycle Media head Jon Nicosia said that he knew a “big name” was leaving CNN and named Acosta as the person. This led to rumors that Acosta was leaving the network.

What Happened to Jim Acosta?

But Mediaite said that these reports were “absolute bulls.” A source close to CNN’s management stated that Acosta has no plans to leave the network. This explanation comes as other well-known CNN reporters have recently left the network and some shows have been canceled.

However, Acosta and Don Lemon were said to be staying at the network, even though Chris Licht has been changing the way the network is run.

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