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What Does Crop on TikTok Mean? How Do People Joke About “Crop”?

If you’re a millennial or Gen Z member who has downloaded TikTok, you’ve probably felt at times that you should have also downloaded a language-learning application. Once-familiar terms such as “cringe,” “elite,” and “feral” now have new meanings, while mysterious emoji combinations such as and fill comment sections with uncertainty. Just as you believe you’ve mastered the new jargon, a swarm of troll TikTokers floods your feed with a single word: “Crop?”

What Does Crop on TikTok Mean

Even if you are familiar with the original meaning of “crop” on TikTok, you may be confused by the recent influx of “crop” remarks that have taken over the platform. As with many trends on the app, the term has gone through several variations, from its original roots to its meme-ified forms.

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Don’t construct a mountain out of a molehill in your search for deeper, more foreboding significance in these comments. Or, better yet, don’t turn a crop comment into a crop circle. In contrast to TikTok insults such as “mid,” the meaning of “crop” comments is simply not that profound.

Here is everything you need to know regarding the meaning of “crop” on TikTok.

What Did “Crop” Mean Initially on TikTok?

Have you ever downloaded a TikTok video to your phone with the intention of rewatching and reposting it, only to discover that the downloaded video has TikTok watermarks? Or, perhaps you captured a screen recording of an unsaveable video, but a vital portion of the film was obscured by the like and comment icons on the right? Then you have already identified the original motivation behind the “crop” comments.

If there’s one thing that’s true with TikTokers, it’s that they’re always eager to think creatively when fixing problems. As TikTokers struggled to save recordings — particularly fan cams and images of their favourite celebs — without annoying watermarks, many TikTokers began requesting that creators repost a cropped version of their video.

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Users can then easily screen record a trimmed version of the movie or take a screenshot of a still image from the video to use as a phone backdrop without watermarks from the numerous buttons on the screen.

Why Do People Want to Crop Their TikTok?

When someone requests a crop on TikTok, it indicates that they want the user to reupload their video so that it can be screenshot and cropped without the like and share buttons, the caption, and the search box covering the real image.

What Does Cropping a Video Mean?

Cropping is an editing tool that allows you to select the viewable portion of a video, picture, or asset frame. Remove undesired elements, lines at the boundaries of a video, or watermarks, or adjust the aspect ratio of a video.

What Does Crop on TikTok Mean

What is the Aspect Ratio of Tiktok’s Videos?

Why is it Important to Crop TikTok Videos? The optimal aspect ratio for TikTok videos is 9:16, which utilises the entire screen of your phone. Nonetheless, if you record a video in landscape format (16:9), it will result in an obtrusive black bar at the top and bottom of your screen.

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How Are People Making Fun of “Crop”?

On TikTok, nothing is safe from becoming a meme, including the transformation of an overused comment into its own satirical trend. Since “crop?” remarks have become so prevalent on TikTok in a literal sense, individuals are now trolling users in their comment area using the term.

“Story time?” is another common comment that arose from a genuine interest in a video and was used when viewers desired a further explanation of the story behind a particular video. Similar to crop remarks, “story time?” has also become a meme.

If this pattern has left you bewildered, you are not alone. Numerous TikTok users have expressed that they, too, feel excluded from an inside joke. Nonetheless, it appears that the joke is merely poking fun at the frequency with which this word has been commented on the app, and is yet another example of how TikTok comments are used to harass individuals.

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