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Warmest Places In Us In March: You Should Visit These Places If You Are Travel Freak

Warmer weather is finally coming back to most of the US in the spring. Florida, Texas, and California are great places to go on vacation to the beach on the mainland, while Hawaii is always a great place to go.

St. Augustine, Florida

  • Average temperature: 63°F
  • Average hours of daylight: 12 hours

St. Augustine may be the most historic place in the US. It has over 500 years of history to explore. The National Historic Landmark District, which is very close together and great for walking, is full of beautiful colonial buildings.

Warmest Places In Us In March

History is all around you in the streets, from the Castillo de San Marcos and the Misión de Nombre de Dios to the seedy bars and shaky wooden homes.

When it’s in the mid-70s during the day, March is a great month to go to the beach. We are in Florida, after all. At St. Augustine Beach, you can rent a fishing rod at St. Johns Pier or go to the end of A Street and ride the waves.

A little farther away, Anastasia Beach is a little more secluded and has great places to kayak and watch wildlife.

The Celtic Music and Heritage Festival comes to town on March 9th and 10th with music and traditions from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Watch the longest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world, play Celtic games, and enjoy the food and culture.

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Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

  • Average temperature: 54°F
  • Average hours of daylight: 12 hours

Carmel is the most charming and interesting place in California. There are fairy tale cottages and castles, as well as a few stylish shops, low-key art galleries, and small, independent restaurants.

Warmest Places In Us In March

No big chains here. Residents with some money (but not a lot of it) walk their dogs every day on the famous white-sand beach with surfers and sea lions. It looks like everything is moving very slowly.

The usual high temperature in March is in the late 60s. It’s warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors without too many people around.

The one-square-mile town is very easy to get around on foot, thanks to its network of courtyards and passageways that connect its unique architecture to stories that are over a hundred years old. The beautiful Carmel Mission Basilica looks like it was taken straight from a spaghetti western.

Point Lobos State Nature Reserve is a great place to hike to the south. Rock cliffs with dramatic views, trails that get lost, and amazing views are all a given.

The mysterious Lone Cypress is America’s most photographed tree. It can be found to the north along a 17-mile drive, on a rock outcropping that looks out over Carmel Bay.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

  • Average temperature: 60°F
  • Average hours of daylight: 12 hours

Texas gave Big Bend National Park to the country as a “gift to the nation.” The whole Chisos Mountain range and a good chunk of the Chihuahuan Desert are natural wonders. It is crossed by winding rivers, climbing trails, lots of wildlife, and Native American history.

Warmest Places In Us In March

March is the biggest month for tourists, but Big Bend is naturally far away, so it’s never really crowded. Long days make the temperatures rise a lot, and the average high is in the mid-70s.

This brings in explorers and naturists from all over the world. It’s bluebonnet season, which means that the state flower covers the land and turns green fields into blue seas with white caps.

The Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive is a simple, 30-minute way to see how beautiful it is. After that, choose what you want. Routes that are used a lot, like the Santa Elena Canyon and Langford Hot Springs, might be busy.

Seek out Cattail Falls or, after it rains, the falls at the end of Pine Canyon Trail, which are both very green. You can fly into El Paso and drive to Big Bend in four hours.

Pensacola Beach, Florida

  • Average temperature: 60°F
  • Average hours of daylight: 12 hours

In March, Pensacola, the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, is a great place to go on a beach holiday. Highs in the 70s on average, and 18 miles of white-sand, emerald-water privacy that begs to be explored.

Warmest Places In Us In March

Pensacola Beach is the place to be on the coastal island of Santa Rosa. There is a lot of room to be alone and get lost in nature, even near the big hotels, theme parks, and tourist traps.

It is in the middle of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which is the biggest protected area of coast in the US. The area is wild and untamed, and it’s perfectly set up for tourists, with all kinds of outdoor activities like climbing, biking, boating, birdwatching, ranger programs, and diving trips.

Its calm waves and warm water make it a great place to learn how to surf. Take a walk along the clearly marked Eco Trail to get a feel for everything. It shows off the area’s wildlife in all its glory.

Island of Hawai‘i

  • Average temperature: 67°F
  • Average hours of daylight: 12 hours

The Big Island has the most amazing and varied geology of all the islands in Hawaii. It’s also one of the hottest places in the US to go in March.

The two active volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are without a question the stars of the show. Mauna Loa, which is very big but doesn’t move, stands in the middle.

Warmest Places In Us In March

Kīlauea, with its huge, boiling double crater that has been erupting lava for 25 years, is far below. Drive around the edge of Kīlauea crater if it’s too hot to walk. As the road goes down to the water, you’ll come across the beautiful Chain of Craters.

When you get back to sea level, beaches that are soaked in the sun are ready to bake your bones warm again. Kua Bay on the Kona Coast is my favorite.

It’s a perfect circle of snow-white sand and water that draws a lot of people. If it’s too crowded for you, you can hike along the coast to Kukio Beach, which is close by.

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