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The Best Places to Look for a Bugatti in GTA 5 Online

The Best Places to Look for a Bugatti in GTA 5 Online: Riding about in flashy automobiles and showing off your wealth is the pinnacle of flexing in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

When it comes to luxurious automobiles, the Bugatti is one of the rarest and most aesthetically pleasing options available. In this walkthrough, we will demonstrate step-by-step how to locate the Bugatti while you are playing GTA 5 Online.

Where to Find the Bugatti in GTA 5 Online

1. Truffade Nero Custom

GTA Online players, especially those who like cars, like Benny’s cars a lot. The workshop not only helps cars reach their full speed potential but also gives them a whole new look.

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The Truffade Nero Custom is based on the Bugatti Vision Grand Turismo, which is a real car. It’s a great feeling to pull up to Benny’s in a Nero based on the Chiron and roll out in a Vision Grand Turismo.

Best Places to Look for a Bugatti in GTA 5 Online

The engine and drivetrain are the same as the Nero, but Benny gives it a little more speed. The workshop is known for making extreme visual changes, and the Nero Custom is proof of that.

2. Truffade Nero

In real life, Bugattis get a lot of respect, and the Truffade Nero makes sure that stays the same in GTA Online. It has a strong history because it is based on the real-life Bugatti Chiron and takes styling ideas from the Ford GT and Honda NSX.

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It was added in 2016 during the Festive Surprise event with the Import/Export update. The Nero has a W16 engine like most of the Bugatti remakes in the game, but its surface is different and has the Truffade name on it.

The Thrax has seven gears, but the Nero only has six. The engine is in the middle and all four wheels are driven. Its top speed is 126.5 mph, and it can do a Broughy lap in 1:01.495 seconds.

The Nero stands out because it can be turned into a car for Benny.

3. Truffade Thrax

The Truffade Thrax is a great car in GTA Online that looks a lot like a real Bugatti. It takes some ideas from the Italdesign Zerouno and is built on the Bugatti Divo. However, from the side, it looks like the Chiron.

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The Diamond Casino and Resort Update added the Thrax, a fast car with two doors, to the game. Legendary Motorsport is where gamers can buy the car for $2.3 million.

The Thrax has a W16 engine connected to a 7-speed transmission. The engine is in the middle and all four wheels are driven. It can go as fast as 124 mph and can do a Broughy lap in 59.261 seconds, which is less than a minute.

4. Truffade Adder

The Truffade Adder in GTA Online is a hypercar with two doors and a price tag of $1 million at Legendary Motorsport. As you can see, it is mostly based on the Bugatti Super Veyron Concept, but it also takes some ideas from the Saab Aero-X.

At the start, the Adder was one of the fastest and best-performing cars in the game, just like it was in real life. With a top speed of 124.75 mph, it lights up the road with its huge W16 engine, which is under the huge hood.

Over time, however, younger cars like the FMJ, Visione, and Tezeract have become better than the Adder.

The speed is more amazing than the way the car handles, though. The car has a lot of understeer, and since it doesn’t have a spoiler mod, it can’t put all of its power down.

5. Truffade Z-Type

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Truffade Z-Type is a two-door, high-end grand tourer that falls under the “sports classic” subcategory. The asking price at Legendary Motorsport is a paltry $950,000. Only the most devoted viewers will recognize the Z-Type from previous appearances. The car appeared in Grand Theft Auto 2 as a transportation option for the Zaibatsu Corporation’s gang.

Best Places to Look for a Bugatti in GTA 5 Online

The 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic and Talbot-Lago Type 150 CS inspired the Z-Type’s ageless design. Its broad fenders and beautiful curves suggest an early to mid-20th-century design. Since its inception, the Z-Type has been the fastest car. A gigantic V12 engine powers it to 126.25 mph, making it the second-fastest sports classic and startlingly faster than the Adder.

Where is the Bugatti (Adder) Located?

The birth point for the Adder is in Rockford Hills. It’s parked on a street right next to Michael De Santa’s house and close to what the game’s version of Rodeo Drive would be.

If you find a Bugatti in GTA Online, you can steal it. Because the Adder is so valuable, the game won’t let you store it in your garage, making it impossible for you to own it.

So, you can pretty much only take it for a fun ride and nothing else. If you want your own Truffade Bugatti, you’ll have to buy it from Legendary Motorsports, one of the online stores in GTA Online. Below are the prices for each car. But be careful, they cost a lot and aren’t cheap.

  • Adder: $1,000,000
  • Nero Custom: $1,440,000
  • Z-Type: $950,000
  • Thrax: $2,300,000


GTA 5 Online gives you many chances to drive a Bugatti, one of the world’s most desirable cars. Bugattis can be found in Rockford Hills streets, bought from Legendary Motorsport, or won at the casino podium.

Each method has pros and cons, but they all promise a fantastic hypercar ride. Bugattis are readily destroyed or stolen by other players, so you should be aware of the hazards and costs of having one. Be safe and enjoy your Bugatti responsibly.

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