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Valtrace : How Do I Retrieve My Qr Code Valtrace?

Valtrace is a contact tracing tool that is utilised in the Valenzuela district of Metro Manila, Philippines. Its current function is to replace paper forms, which increases the likelihood of coming into touch with the virus. Valtrace is a contactless tracing service that operates within the city using QR code technology. Anyone planning to visit one of the city’s establishments must first register with the programme to gain access to the establishment.

Incorporating a Qr Scanner and Registering With Valtrace Is Simple

Known as Ordinance No. 783, this ordinance was passed by the Valenzuela municipal council and signed by the mayor. It explains the penalties that will be imposed as well as the procedures that will be followed in putting the application into effect. The government has accepted this application as a start toward slowing its spread by making use of technology while keeping social separation in mind, according to the authorities.


This responsibility falls to the government, which is in charge of rolling out contactless forms and making the most of newly developed software. An app user must first download and register the Valtrace app before scanning a QR code. The local information will then be submitted to the local government when a user has been offline for at least 24 hours or has not used the app.

What Is the Valenzuela Qr Code Scanner and How Does It Work?

A rule requiring the usage of a QR scanner for the Valtrace App was enacted by the Valenzuela City Local Government as a response to the rapid spread of the flu pandemic. The programme, which is accessible for free download, can be used by both locals and visitors alike. A new rule stating that “no QR, no admittance” will be imposed shortly. It is relatively simple to scan a QR code using a smartphone or other mobile device.

Open the Inbuilt Camera on Your Smartphone, Which Most of Them Now Have the Capability of Reading Qr Codes With. In That Location, You Will Have the Opportunity to Scan a Qr Code

  • You can configure controls by going to Settings > Control Center > Configure controls. If you can’t find one, go to Settings > Control Center > Configure controls.
  • Place your phone in the viewfinder so that the QR code can be read by the camera. As long as the phone is held correctly, the camera will recognise the code very quickly.
  • Please be patient while the code is being executed.
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What Is the Procedure for Registering?

Valtrace is a mobile application that must be downloaded and registered by all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela, as required by the city’s legislation.

You can search for the application on any web portal, or you can go to and click on the ValTrace app Registration button to register for the application. It is possible to sign up and log in via alternative methods such as the “Citizen Sign up” and “Citizen Login” buttons that flash on the page, as well as the “Merchant Signup” and “Merchant Login.”

Selecting the appropriate section and proceeding to the next step As soon as you’ve finished, the website will prompt you to provide some basic information, such as your first and last name and birthdate, along with your home address and cell phone number.


  • To proceed, simply click on the Submit button after you have validated your password and you will be all set.
  • The QR code must be scanned at each business establishment before moving on to the next site when visiting a business institution.
  • The implementation of these fundamental methods may make a significant difference in the battle against the spread of Covid-19.

How Can I Obtain a Free Copy of the Valtrace Contact Tracing App or Apk?

Individuals can be kept safe and the Noble Corona Virus can be contained with the help of contact tracing tools. In the case that someone becomes infected, everyone who has had close contact with them during the last two months is notified about the infection. As soon as feasible, this will be accomplished.


The application and registration processes are completely free to assist the country. The Valtrace programme will require all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela, beginning on September 12, to register and obtain their QR codes to use the service.

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When a person scans their QR code, their personal information is sent to the Central Contact Tracing system, which stores it. The government may bring legal action against those who do not comply with the terms of the ordinance.

What Is the Procedure?

It is mandatory for everyone in Valenzuela, including residents and visitors, to have the Valtrace software installed on their smartphones.

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When they walk out of a public or private venue and scan the QR code on the application form, all of their personal information is uploaded to the Valenzuela central contact tracing system at the Mega Contact tracing centre, where it is stored until they return.

Procedures for Registration

As previously indicated, the registration of all people residing in Valenzuela is necessary, regardless of whether or not they are employed in the municipality. To use the Valtrace app, both residents and non-residents must first download it and then register with it.

Either you may register for the Valtrace app using an online portal or you can visit the Valtrace app and then click on the ValTrace app Registration link to register. Optional menu items include ‘Citizen Register’ and ‘Citizen Login,’ in addition to ‘Merchant Register’ and ‘Merchant Login,’ as well as a variety of other possibilities.

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Select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu. As soon as you’re finished, the website will ask you for some basic information such as your name, province, birth date, and contact information.

How Can I Get My Valtrace Qr Code?

Upon successful validation, you will have access to your ValTrace account. This web application’s homepage will display your QR Code right away.


Simply click the “Download QR” button to save a copy of your quick response code. You may also save a copy of the page to your computer.


If any indicators are detected, all friends and relatives of the person are notified via the app, allowing them to remain attentive and report whatever they observe.
The Valtrace app case study is accessible for download on the internet.

The use of Valenzuela will be more effective in stopping the spread of the virus and will be more beneficial to Valenzuela’s overall health and well-being if done properly.

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