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Retail And NII Shares In Chatha Foods’ IPO Were Fully Subscribed 1.25 Times On The First Day

The initial public offering (IPO) of Chatha Foods was oversubscribed 1.25 times, and both retail and NII investors bought all the shares on the first day.

People who are interested in investing are paying a lot of attention to Chatha Foods’ initial public offering (IPO). On the first day, the number of subscriptions reached 1.25 times the amount that was offered.

The categories for retail and non-institutional investors (NII) were both fully subscribed, which shows that the market has a lot of faith in the company’s growth chances.

Chatha Foods: A Culinary Journey to the Capital Market

Chatha Foods, which is known for having a wide range of food items, has started a new journey by letting the public invest in it. The IPO is a big deal for the company, but it also shows how committed it is to growth and new ideas in the food industry.

Facts About The IPO

The IPO began on March 19, 2024, and will end on March 21, 2024. With a price range of ₹53 to ₹56 per share, the company wants to sell 5,962,000 stock shares to raise ₹34.00 crores. In order to buy 2000 shares worth 10 rupees each, regular people must pay at least 112,000 rupees.

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Investor Enthusiasm: A Positive Sign

The fact that the IPO was oversubscribed by 1.25 times on the first day shows how excited investors are. This reaction is especially interesting because both the retail and NII segments were fully subscribed. Also, before the IPO, the company got ₹9.51 crores from key investors.

The Future Of The Market And Its Growth Path

With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Chatha Foods has become a major player in the food business. The company’s growth has been amazing, and the IPO is likely to help its plans to grow even more.

The money raised will probably be used to improve production, come up with better marketing plans, and maybe even break into new markets.

How The Finances Are Doing And What The Future Holds

The company has done very well financially, with steady sales growth over the last few years. The money from the IPO should help the company’s finances and make it easier to make investments in the future.

Chatha Foods' IPO

Investors are confident that the company will be able to take advantage of market opportunities and keep growing.

Problems And Things To Think About

The initial public offering (IPO) has been well received, but people who want to invest should think about the risks that come with working in the food business, such as changes in regulations, fluctuating prices for raw materials, and tough competition.

But Chatha Foods is well-equipped to deal with these problems thanks to its strong name recognition and wide range of products.

Expectations For Listing And Trading

After the IPO, Chatha Foods will be traded on the BSE SME platform. The possible listing date is March 27, 2024. Alacrity Securities is in charge of making the market for the IPO. Investors and people who follow the market are eagerly waiting for the listing to see how the market reacts and how the stock does in trading.


The IPO of Chatha Foods is a great chance for buyers who want to be a part of the company’s growth. The market’s faith in the company’s future is shown by the large number of subscriptions received on the first day.

The food business and investors are both holding their breath as Chatha Foods gets ready to make its mark on the stock market.

In the end, the IPO of Chatha Foods has made way for what could be an amazing trip in the capital markets. The company has a bright future ahead of it thanks to its strong fundamentals, clear growth plan, and enthusiastic investors.

Do your research before making any investment, but if you’ve always thought the food business has a lot of potential, this IPO could be just what you need to add to your portfolio.

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